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Erin designed the NRPH commission or royalties based on her own experiences having her first book published with Mt. Zion. Then years later worked out the same arrangement with the Assemblies of God. when our Spanish RYM book they translated was then printed by them.

Mt. Zion actually required that we "typeset" our book AND commission to have someone due the cover. Once it was officially typeset, plates were made and they began printing the books. Mt. Zion never changed for their books, so as the author we were not charged when we took and gave the RYM books away. We were told that we could have as many books as we wanted to "give away" but if we sold any, we were asked to tithe 10% from the sales to Mt. Zion. 

We were NEVER given any royalties or any compensation for the books they gave away or sold. And even today, Mt. Zion continues to have permission to print the RYM even though we now have our own publishing company.

When we first connected with the Assemblies of God Spanish Translations, they originally wanted to charge us $4000 to translate the RYM book. Later after praying, the Lord led Erin to offer basically the same arrangement she had made with Mt. Zion. They agreed and after translating the book for free, and in return they were allowed to sell or give away as many of both the RYMs books, men's and women's, without Erin being compensated in anyway as the author—no royalties were paid to Erin or RMI ever. In addition Erin was also promised (but it took more than 5 years to get) the document so we could print the book ourselves.

Based on these two experiences, the first Restoration Journey Novel was set up. Erica Kramer and Finding the Abundant Life was printed through NRPH's Book Publishing and any sales either parties made were kept, and profits tithed to RMI. No royalties were exchanged and no profits were made on each others sales Therefore, based on these three experiences, your book as a NRPH book author are as follows:

We will help you *build your book chapter-by chapter, (as we did with Erica Kramer and Michele Michaels) and once we have at least 4-6 chapters we believe are worthy to share with other women, we will begin to post one chapter a week as a special feature in our Daily Encourager. This exposure serves as a way to gather a "following" and also for us to get feedback on the validity of your book—to make sure it should be published by NRHP.  

Once completed, we will "publish" your book as an eBook. Basically it's a PDF that we will offer on Encouraging Bookstore, which will also include a front book cover. We will not charge you for the design of the cover, nor the purchase of the Royalty Free image. The only commission or royalty you will receive as the author will be sales generated by YOU as an Encouraging Bookstore Affiliate or that you are free to sell or give away on any website.Affiliates


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Once we feel you have a following and we have enough positive REVIEWS then we will work with CreateSpace (who prints for to get your book into paperback. Once published you will also have your book offered on Amazon, underNRPH. 

We also provide a means to purchase your books in BULK at the same price offered to our partners, which is just over "cost" with built in shipping within the U.S.

Any outside sales and also sales from your Affiliate program, will need to be tithed on to RMI, the same as is stated in our

Affiliate - Standard Terms and Conditions

*Building your book chapter-by-chapter means we will edit and proofread your book using one of our volunteer editors. We will not charge you, nor will our volunteer editor be paid.

At any time you are free to publish your book through CreateSpace or elsewhere with an updated or revised edition using a new ISBN number. However, NRPH reserves the right to continue printing and selling your book, again, Royalty Free. You also are under no financial obligation to pay for any services rendered in the development of or labor to get your book print ready.


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