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In Alaska

I have read and re-read the book, studying verse after verse in the Bible, and then some. I am just now finding peace in the storm after almost five months of struggles. It has enabled me to grow closer to God than I ever thought possible and has taken away my wife's weapons of warfare (really Satan’s). Although I keep making mistakes, I keep getting back up and applying myself. I have learned so much about God, His salvation and myself through our Lord Jesus Christ! Now I find myself witnessing, providing testimony and best of all, finding peace more and more. GOD BLESS you for having the courage to stand and fight for your marriage and for sharing God’s wisdom with me! AWESOME!


James in Oregon

Thank you so much! 

These books have been an amazing guide back to god for me and so many others. I work in the oil field and most of these guys do not have a way to get an ebooks so I am starting a bible study next week with a group of men that I've given the restore book to 🙂

Thank you for everything 


Cedric in Canada

I never grew up with any positive godly male figures at home or in my community. I've realized how I failed as a husband by not loving my wife the way God intended man to love his wife. I had it all confused with pride and selfishness. I'm learning lots, as God has opened my eyes to my ways and how I need to change and learn to put him first in all I do and allow him to work on my marriage his way on his time. Nothing and no circumstance is too impossible for our God!! PTL!


James in Washington

This book so far has confirmed what God has already been telling me, What God has joined let no man separate... I made my vows and covenant before the Lord and my wife, and will do all i can and remain true to my vows and covenant all my life not giving up or walking away no matter how long it takes. I am still believing God will restore and reconcile and heal my wife and I and i will keep praising Him and honoring Him through it all and learning to walk in His mercies, forgiveness, and love, Thank You for writing this book and believing that God can restore my marriage, and showing me how i can walk through it!


Brian in California

The testimonies have been very encouraging, offering hope. How God can Restore My Marriage was very convicting in pointing out my role in this and my failures. I have a lot of work to do with God.


From Joseph

It has restored hope to my life. I was just about as low as a person could be. There are too many things to list but for the first time in my life I'm seeking a real relationship with Christ. I now have guidance through some of the many decisions that my current situation provides.


Paul in Mexico

Have understand perfectly that all what I was doing to recover my wife back, was exactly the opposite of what I was supposed to. Also I want to give support to someone else as well.


Lewis in Georgia

I have put everything possible into place from day one of reading the books. I have more peace and joy and determination to see my marriage restored. Also I have sent the book to a close friend who was recently divorced.


Steve in Wisconsin

These books have given me a different outlook at the way I was thinking about my marriage and who was at fault. I used to feel it was all satan. Now I know it was also myself.


Joel in New Mexico

This book has shown me that I was the one that was wrong. I needed to become the spiritual leader of my house and to build my house upon a rock. I always thought I knew the bible and what God was telling me but I was doing it selfishly. It has really opened my eyes. The testimonies in By the Word of Their Testimony for Men has given me hope and I do know that God will bring my wife back to me when it is his time and I just have to be patient. God is helping me to become the man he has always wanted me to be and to be Godly husband she has always wanted me to be.

I have a friend named Vince and I was talking to him about these books. He told me that he could see a change in me already. I explained to him that he had to put God first in his life and that his wife would see a change in him. He told me that when he first met his wife that is what she loved about him is that she could see him with the Lord.