Daniel in Florida

This book has shown me so many different areas in my life were I lacked the knowledge of Gods will for myself and my family. My family started with my wife and I working. in fact she worked while I finished school so i could get a better job. Then we both worked. I never thought His plan was for me to be the sole provider. I never realized while she was at work, she was submitting to her boss or bosses the way she should be submitting to me. I never encouraged her to be an at home mom, to teach are children from home. I am hoping to share my situation with someone in a simular siutation. To help this person by sharing the truths I have learned and i want to learn more truths. 

I had not seen my children for 1 month at that point and I now see them every week for 3 full nights and two full days. Praise the Lord for this blessing as I now am working on training my kids in a Godly way.


Donald in Virginia

God used this book to show me how to be a Godly husband and father. That I need to love and cherish my wife and children and put them ahead of myself. That I need to love them unconditionally. I have someone that is going through similar trials and I pray for and encourage them. Also it is great for accountability, to help each other put the Word into practice and can confess faults to each other.


Ed in New Jersey

Now I see that my family and household were on quicksand and not built on God's principles that would have protected us from the enemy. It was destined to collapse. Now I know how to put this restoration marriage on God's foundation of stone. I am now seeking a real relationship with God, seeking his face and spending time talking. I am not just asking for his hand. PTL! You allow me to concentrate on You rather than my circumstances.


Harm in South Africa

This book helped me build my relationship on solid rock, with the help of God. I did not build my marriage on a solid rock and by Gods intentions in the past, but I know I can do better with God on my side. 


Jim in Arizona

I sent an email to a friend, with a link to your website for this book because this book showed me how I can become a wise man. The examples of my role, that I had not embraced!


Douglas in Ohio

A Wise Man offered alot of insight about differnet topics one of which was the chapter on the Angry man. I have a long way to go.


Pablito in Brazil

I discovered that my mistakes have led my wife out of the house and I could not imagine I missed being spiritual leader. I regret it. Thank you for the books!


Marlos in Arizona

This has become a guide along with my bible on how to function now, in the future and allowed me to look accurately at my past to try to be a better, more productive and christlike man and husband. Very timely for my situation and all the things that im currently dealing with.


Jean in France

A wise man helped me to identify my sin during my marriage and to come close to God in a righteous position. It also convicted me through the Holy Spirit that God wants something else than a divorce in my marriage.


Ed in California

This book has been powerful in regards to the fact that unless I base my marriage upon the word of God; there is absolutely no way that my marriage will ever be restored or succeed. I have learned the importance of writing down the verses that have touched me and to review these versus whenever the attacks of the enemy have been difficult