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★★★★★ Reviews

Be Encouraged CLASSIC: Video Series


Donna-Marie in United Kingdom 

I think it's impossible to choose one video to rate/review. Every single video is a tremendous blessing. These video's not only refer to the contents of the various other resources (RYM and the workbook) but develop these issues further - which I found very very helpful. It was also a blessing to actually see Erin, it really felt as though I was sitting in the room with her. I would recommended watching every video more than once and ensuring that you have a pen and pad to hand. For me, I watched the video once without taking any notes, so that I could really concentrate and then I took notes the second time around. The video's are practical and really 'wake you up'. Highly highly recommended!


Shannon in Florida

This certainly gave me a lot to think about. Erin points out things that she has done, or that other women have come to her about that have a detrimental effect on the restoration of their marriages. This was eye-opening to me because I have done or am doing still almost every one of them. This video series has been helpful, it is nice to have a voice and a face to go along with the words read in Erin's books and the course lessons. It is also comforting to have encouragement and advice from someone who has suffered through a marriage crisis and defeated the enemy to save her marriage.


Teena in Texas

While watching this video I learned that you you have to work with God and change your mindset to see things as God sees them. That you should not let pride come in the way of your marriage being restored. Stay humble and let go and let God and always keep Jesus as the Lord of your life. 

Also I liked this video a lot it showed me and convicted me of what I am guilty of and that is not to go to other people about your marriage. Take it all to God. We are not to share what is going on because we uncover our spouses "nakedness" and that goes against God. and that could help your marriage to never be restored. This video was a wake up call for me and it showed me again how being quiet and giving it all to God is what you truly need to do.

It's taught me that you truly have to have courage to see your marriage through you have to keep your eyes on God! You have to remember that God's way will get you through! This video was very encouraging!


Another thing is that the videos for me were truly an eye opener because I was at a place in my restoration journey where I was asking myself why does it feel like I am at a standstill in my journey? While watching the video when Erin asked," Is it fear and obedience that is holding you back?" It was like a light bulb went off and I was able to see that was the area that I needed to seek God to help me to overcome to help me to let go of my fear and to be in complete obedience to Him. What a relief I felt because finally I was getting on the right tract headed in the right direction I do not have to worry if I am doing everything right I just have to seek Him and He will help me... Praise God! These videos have helped me so much!


Maritzabel in Venezuela

I need this video for me, because i am reading the wise wife and this book explain about things in this video.



Latetia in Mississippi 

This video received my attention as I heard the city Pensacola.

This is part of my home town and where God released me from a year and half ago to now placing me here in Mississippi.

As I listened to Erin I was brought back to a little over a year in my marriage where I didnt let go when my husband wanted to leave. I didnt physically block him. I stilled called and bugged him. And when he left and I let go I did not live right. I can understand that lack of knowledge is death. 

This video showed me my lack of knowledge and how destructive it is. How not letting go is the cause for hurt and pain. 

This was a blessing to me, thank you.


Stacy in Florida

I really enjoyed Erin talking about asking God for signs. And also to always be looking for God in every situation. I also liked her speaking about how sin is only pleasurable for a season. I liked her saying," God is changing you, your husband and changing the situation." That gave me so much encouragement. It also encouraged me that it's ok to pray that I see signs of his life not being so awesome while separated from me. I loved that she reminds me to Trust Him no matter what. I enjoyed Erin giving the list of things not to do that cause no restoration. I'm learning to keep my mouth shut, a slow process, and to let go and let God. She gives such good examples and scripture references to put me back on track. 

Really enjoyed Erin explaining haughtiness to me. I have read those verses before but never really grasped what they meant. Thank you so much for the insight into that. I need to learn to not be a contentious woman so my marriage can be restored.

Also I love how she uses scripture to show me what to do. I really need encouragement to keep standing and she gave it to me in this video.


Otina in Michigan

This video is awesome and it shows step by step what to expect from our husbands and how to handle the situation. It is a very encouraging to do things Gods way, and to let our husbands go and hold fast to God. It taught me to depend on the Lord only not my husband to let go and praise Him in the good times and bad times and most of all forgive.

This was a great video about getting your house in order. And also this video was full of scripture based principals that let you see why things are going the way they are and it shows you what stage you are at in your marriage restoration. and letting go is the is 1st stage.


Encouraged in MS* 

I enjoyed hearing all that I learned. This has refreshed my soul and giving me more hope. Reading and then hearing is how I learn so these courses are going to be great for me. I m excited about applying all that I learned. 

I grateful for the Lords leading me to this website. i m excited about the path the Lord has set for me. I was nervous about failing but in the beginning of my troubles God showed me David. The smallest and how God MADE him great. Yes with God He can do a lot through me. I pray that God keeps me focused and working in my life.

I'm also thankful for this ministry. I've learned a lot and the testimony are proof that God does heal marriages, which I didn't know.


Mary in New York

I think this video is so encouraging! The Lord will talk through you!! The scriptures are what we have to follow. Just remain quiet and let God move. Just let go and let go! The seasons are so true. I was discouraged this morning that I listened to part I and part 2 3 times. I thank Erin so much for sharing the principles and the faith that we need to continue our restoration. Our restoration begins with making Him Lord of our life first!!! Having the faith to look at things the way the Lord looks at things!! 


Nellie in Scotland

Update: Nellie RESTORED in Scotland

This video is full of truth and encouragement. It helped to refocus me and remind me of how important it is that I put God first. By putting Him first in this new phase and season, the principles that Erin teaches prove themselves to be spiritual principles that have been effective and remind me that God's thoughts and ways are not our ways, and how important it is that I listen and apply these principles so He can reorder my life and marriage in His timing and His perfect way. Absolutely timely and packed with practical proven, timeless truths.