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Be Encouraged: Video Series


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Kelly, RESTORED in Nebraska

The videos were tremendous support for me. They either validated what I was already doing or caused me to do something I hadn't thought of.


Daisy, RESTORED in Wisconsin

The resources from your ministry God used them to teach me, including the How God Can and Will Restore Your Marriage book, the Wise Woman workbook, and your Be E videos. I very much recommend them to everyone—they were a big part of my desire to restore my marriage. I knew that what God could do for you, He could do for me too.


Kelly, RESTORED in New York

I watched these videos repeatedly!! All of them were much needed! Yes, the videos and How God Can and Will Restore Your Marriage were vital. My advice—"Get as much as you can!"


Ginny, RESTORED in Alabama

Because of these videos, I am a new creature!!!


Kelly, RESTORED in Kentucky

I listened to these videos nonstop!! With these tapes, along with the reinforcement of all of the principles in from RYM: all the books book and especially A Wise Woman workbook, I was finally able to let go of the situation and let God do it for me. And He did!!!


Briana, RESTORED in Mexico

These videos and A Wise Woman particularly helped to clarify what the Word said, and especially to encourage me during the darkest moments of my life.


Kim, RESTORED in Florida

The videos were very encouraging; being able to know someone whose marriage had been restored helped me so much.


Georgia, RESTORED in North Dakota

I knew I drove my husband away! But through your books and the videos, God was able to break me and begin to change me. He has healed me of so many things!


Joan, RESTORED in Washington

What helped me most was the Word of God, my prayer closet and all your tapes and videos of which I went over and over until tears flowed where I needed to correct myself and to learn to shut my mouth and be quiet.


Katie,* RESTORED in Florida

I ordered RMI's books, and several other resources. They were my lifeline! Faithful each day, I watched these videos, and read the book as well. I came to love and know the Lord through the materials.