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Be Encouraged: Video Series


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Teena, in Texas

This video has helped me to take courage and to not rely on what I see but to know that the Lord is with me. He has me in his warm embrace and he is leading my way. I learned that you have to completely surrender to God. Get peace in yourself and in your home and get your house in order. And to get rid of the root of pride in your heart. What ever it takes....

I learned how important again it is to keep your mouth shut and to come out of that whoa is me mentality and start thanking God and ask Him to continue to change you! Such an eye opener for me! He is the only one that can help us in the storm that we are in.

Forgiving and letting go has been my biggest issue and I feel that it has truly been a road block in my journey. This video showed me how important it is for me to let go and that I truly can not do it on my own. You truly have to let go and let God!

Truly loved this video because it showed me that you have to "hope against hope" you have to believe with all your heart that your marriage can and will be restored. I also learned how important it is to build your faith by building your relationship with God!


Genevieve in Spain

I just wanted to share with you that I had a huge break-through just this week. Nothing physical and not even related to my husband - but to the Lord. It was one of the most amazing experiences I have had in my life, no doubt about it and I know that it is thanks in part to the encouragement I receive from Erin's messages. This huge sense of peace came over my whole body, heart, mind and soul and I really heard God talking to me, there is just no doubt about it.

He suddenly showed me that while I have been struggling for all these months, asking Him to back me up in my stand for my marriage, pleading with Him that it should also be His will... that in actual fact what has really been going on is that HE is the one who has been standing for my marriage all along and been putting the desire in my heart to be reunited with my husband. HE is the one who has been patiently waiting on ME to see that He is the one who is really doing all this, not me and that yes, it IS His will. And if it is His will, then it will be done. So I suddenly knew that it has in actual fact already been done because He has done it according to His will; it's all in His hands. I know Erin teaches this but it's not until you actually hear the Lord say it to you personally that you can really believe it. There has been a huge shift in me, my feelings, and my thoughts and I no longer pray "please God, please say yes." I know it is His will, I know He has already done it, so now I am starting to pray for my husband's salvation and so that God will show me how He wants me to do His will until it is time to reap our final reward of restoration. I know He will send my dear husband home when he's ready and what an absolute feeling of joy and peace that it brings.


Thobekile in United Kingdom

I was so encouraged. Being quiet and still. Not only towards my earthly husband but to friends and family because it destroys the good seeds I would have planted.


Jessica in North Carolina 

Excellent video to put in perspective the book. Erin is great. i have faith and feel encouraged i can too go through this journey. thank you! just love all the information and encouragement!! I have read the book by myself but now as I go through the book with the course, I am learning so much more. I love the down to earth explanation. I Praise God I found RMI!!


Lina in Washington

This video has so much 'meat'. It addressed some very important and foundational principles that has brought breakthroughs to my restoration journey. The first principle was to renew my mind. In doing this and RMI giving me the practical ways of applying this to further my understanding has ben tremendous! Renewing your mind with God's Word and investing in my relationship with Him has been the foundation that I am building not only for my marriage but my life. Knowing and believing in God's Word has brought a peace and stillness in me throughout my journey. Having the Holy Spirit and showing that obedience to God is important. It has empowered me in sooo many ways.

Being thrown into the fire has shown me how to have a stronger Walk with The Lord. At the beginning of my journey, I couldn't see past being the victim and the pain of it all. Now I see that God has a divine purpose for me--to be reconciled to Him. I am thankful that this video expresses the importance of allowing God to do His perfect work in you/me. Standing strong in faith to The Lord no matter what circumstances present themselves, I know that by God's promise to take me through the valley, He will bring me out on the other side conformed more to His image. Drawing closer to God will continue to grow my love and faith in Him. Regardless of what others believe, I walk by faith in my God. Drawing closer to God is being in His Word daily and spending time with God. God is making me into the virtuous woman of God, wife and mother that He purposed me to be. Hiding Gods Word in my heart makes me a lover of God's Word.

Also, I love that it addresses intimacy because that is one of the things that I was concerned about. When my marriage is restored, its comforting to know that I don't need to be worried about contracting anything because The Lord will always cover me. Restoration will also happen with other relationships in my life as well. There has been a few people I needed to distance myself from so I can focus on The Lord. He will restore to me what I had laid down for His sake (and mine). It also discusses brokenness. Brokenness creates the fertile ground necessary for God to plant and grow His seeds. I am thankful for all the ways that The Lord has broken me. It was all worth it! He has created me to be more in His likeness. Now I have such a beautiful, intimate and close relationship with The Lord. I will continue to work with The Lord because His plans for me and my marriage is glorious! 


Melissa in Arizona

Such helpful info! Helped feel like I wasn't alone in all this. Loved the explanation about the seasons. It helped me to understand that things can go from good, to bad, and back again. I actually really needed this because I was wondering why things were going so well with my husband and now they are not going as well. I pray several times a day, I have been fasting. Trying to follow all the principle the best I know how with God's help.


In Washington

Addressing the importance of forgiveness. Regardless of what others have done to wrong must release and forgive them. God will not forgive my sins if I will not forgive those who has sinned against me. Also another vital point in this is that unforgiveness makes you vulnerable to the enemy is so many ways. unforgiveness cuts your blessings short. I want the abundant life The Lord has for me and nothing is worth forsaking that..especially unforgiveness. I pray to The Lord everyday to help me to forgive even I ways that I haven't done so already because I don't want my heart to be hardened. Looking for God to supply all my needs allows me to depend on The Lord and not look to others or my circumstances. Trials will come. The closer I stay to The Lord and allow Him to change me, there is nothing that I cannot face. The Lord gives me strength in all things because He has a great purpose for my life. I can always trust in Him even when I do n't understand why He's taking me through some things. I can have faith that it is for my good and that He is perfecting me for His purpose.


Donna-Marie in United Kingdom

God's timing is PERFECT! Only days before watching this video, I asked God to help me to let go of my husband and to show me how. Then a few days later, I watch this video! Awesome awesome awesome...the phases that Erin goes through in relation to letting go, really do enlighten and open your eyes! LET GO - this is the only way that God can truly transform you and work in your life. Trust in him and obey this principle...PLEASE!


Lidia in Florida

I really love the fact that Erin speaks things so clearly, and what's more important is that she's speaks based on the Word of God!

I was a bit confused about something, and this video helped me a lot to clear out my mind!!!! It was an answer to last night prayer! Thank you Heavenly Father for being faithful all the time, thank you for answering me in ways that I can certainly be sure that's is you answering my prayer!

Also it helps you see things with your spiritual eyes,listening to Erin,the way she speaks,the way she explains The Word of God is amazing!!!!!


Stephanie, in Tennessee

Update: Stephanie RESTORED in Tennessee

I really enjoyed this video and it was really needed for me. Erin talked about "getting over" what we are seeing with our husbands and that's has been a particular challenge for me this week. God knows exactly what I need to hear and keeps sending me devotions and videos that are encouraging me. I have to learn to focus on that and the promises He has for me. Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom and encouragement. It's a true blessing!