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Finding the Abundant Life by Michele Michaels


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Liz in Michigan

Before I began reading this book, I had not yet been able to see the Lord as my HH. I still was heartbroken, hurt and struggling to let go of my FH. This book could not of come at a better time!! My FH had remarried when this book was released. At the time I did not see this book as my "life saver." I had failed my First Love over and over again by allowing my feelings for my FH consume my heart. I longed for that joy and peace I had seen not only in Michele but fellow ministers. But I was lead through each chapter, I honestly poured out my heart in each lesson. I allowed Michele's words speak His love into the places that had been left broken and scarred. Now months later this book has helped heal my heart by leading me to Someone who had been there the whole time, my sweet Love. My journey back to my First Love has been a long road. There has been many detours due to my own failure to let go which has prolonged this road. But I would not change anything because HE has been there the whole time. No one will ever compare, no one will ever love me unconditional like my HH. Thank you Michele for walking this road ahead. Your book has lead me to a life I had not expected. I never thought that I could be happy and content with where He had lead me. But iI have found a love and peace that I have never experienced before. I am in awe of His love and peace each day. Thank you:)


Pamela in Idaho

Wow. This book is just full of encouragement to not only living by faith but to live a life that pleases our Heavenly Love and causes us to be radiant. This book showed me that the Lord is all I want and is ALL I need. Thank you for putting this into words that are so easy for me to understood and relate to everyday life! I am sharing this with others.


Sofia in Guatemala

You are about to read what is going to change completely the perspective of what this life of struggles has taught us. You are about to know that by rejoicing, by finding happiness in your life (no matter what you are going through), you will find the BEST LOVE there is, and it comes from our HH.

Let us walk by following his footsteps, by knowing that we don't need to feel pain, but by that pain that wants to take away our peace, we can overcome and live the Abundant Life that our Lord wants for us.

Many would think that the abundance life (Abundant Life) comes from having money, love, work, health, family, happiness, all the best that this world can give us. But let me tell you how wrong this is. Ecclesiastes tells us about everything the world can give us, but at the end everything is worthless, is like chasing the wind.

The abundance life is what the Lord can give us. We are finding the abundance life in places where no one would think of, and the first step is to die to self, and take His yoke and let Him lead.

By coming here we have decided to follow the Lord, we have decided to turn away from the world.

What our HH gives us is infinite, so let us enjoy the journey and simply see with our spiritual eyes what He has ahead for us!!



Yvonne in Botswana

Every chapter I read of this book just confirms for me that the Lord should be all in my life and how close our relationship should be.

I understand your longing for your EH. I was there although when I tell you know that I no longer long for restoration, you will not believe that I was there where you are now. But please read my BIO and see how much I longed to have my marriage restored and how the Lord can come into your life and swoop you off your feet like no man will ever be able to do. That longing you no feel, that emptiness is not really for your EH, it is a longing to have more of the Lord and as you fill yourself with Him you will realize whom you really long for:)



Rebeka in Slovakia *Native language Slovak

I recommend this book about the first love of life and its blessings indeed all women. Really powerful guide on how to live well and happy no matter what is happening around.

Don't be afraid. Let's just go hand in hand with Him, with our perfect Groom and most perfect Love. 

Let us rejoice that we are the Bride. We do not have the Groom and splendor for only one wedding day, but forever! Only He alone will carry us for life. As we are. Without conditions.

"Odporucam tuto knihu o prvej Laske zivota a Jeho pozehnaniach naozaj vsetkym zenam. Skutocne krasny navod, ako zit spokojne a stastne bez ohladu na to, co sa deje naokolo.

Expensive bride, not be afraid of, let's just go hand in hand with him, with perfect groom and most perfect love.

tesme sa, ze sme nevesty. Ze nemame Zenicha a nadheru len v jeden svadobny den, ale navzdy! Len s Nim mozeme tancovat cely zivot, len On Jediny nas bude nosit na rukach cely zivot. Take, ake sme. Bez podmienok."



Atarah in Namibia RESTORED

If you are looking for something deeper and even more meaningful with our Heavenly Father then this is just the book for you!

Want to experience more of our Lord & Saviour? Look no further!

I struggled with understanding and maybe I’m not fully there yet.... but I struggled with understanding this relationship that my HH wants with me... 1stly I felt unworthy to be called His bride.

2ndly when you are going through a restoration journey when you are trusting God to restore your marriage there is a transition of putting your HH 1st in your life above your EH and running to your HH for ALL your needs.

Learning that my HH comes 1st in my life helped me to spend time with Him more abundantly because I then learnt that he comes 1st when I wake up in the morning. I greet Him 1st and talk to him 1st & hear from Him 1st through reading my Bible.

I previously thought of Him as just my Father or Lord and gave Him praise for being so. But now I’m learning that He wants a deeper relationship and to be my EVERYTHING and striving towards this and saying it in my heart and mind is helping me to spend my time more abundantly because really nothing else matters BECAUSE HE is everything!

God is my 1st love, He will always and forever be my endless love and my number one. No matter where I am in my life, He has restored my marriage... He will always be my forever and always. He always wants me and will always want me back no matter if I wander off far from him or not. He says He is mine.

I have been struggling with finding time to be with my HH, time to be intimate with Him. Wow...I want to pour out my heart here so let me....

In this chapter of My Beloved what really stood out for me was the verse “Therefore, thus says the LORD, ‘If you return, then I will restore you—Before Me you will stand; And if you extract the precious from the worthless, You will become My spokesman. They for their part may turn to you, But as for you, you must not turn to them” (Jer. 15:19).

But it was the “extract the precious from the worthless” that spoke to me which I’m sure is what Michelle was trying to stress. Coupled with this is the verse in Revelations that says “You have left your 1st love”.

God restored my marriage and with my restored marriage came a restoration baby and with a restoration baby came less time to spend with Him and of course a husbands needs to be taken care of as well. I knew what it was to be intimate with Him and want Him only because I experienced it with him so I knew and I know what I am missing.

My biggest struggle is time. Waking up earlier will probably be the biggest thing that I can do to help me overcome this struggle. I used to in my lunch break read my Encourager and pray but then at times I would have to run out to the shop to buy bread or whatever else was needed in my home during my lunch break so at times I never got to even reading it.
Seeking my HH and speaking to him about my desire for intimacy with Him I knew I needed to find the time to spend more time with him so number 1 would be to wake up earlier.

Then my HH showed me the Workers @ Home workbook a while back which I’m also still busy reading... Using the wisdom given to Erin from God regarding time management, I’m trying to learn to make the most of my time gleaning insight and ideas regarding time management and SG’s wisdom regarding this as well as from this book as well.

The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full. John 10:10 (NIV)

For me this verse is meaningful because I know that Jesus died on the cross so that I and my family can have life, what the enemy uses to harm us Jesus turns it around for our victory! Though the enemy may try to steal and destroy our lives and bring us down and try to destroy us I can always know that Jesus said he came to give us life and not just any life but life to the full - abundant life.

By living out this principle in my life I know that through my happiness living this out it will spill over into what I say to others. We lost my dad-in-law 2 yrs ago so I have been trying to share this principle with my mum-in-law who is a widow now. It has not been easy because my dad-in-law is a Pastor so at times I could not always “tell” because she knows much of the word. But she struggles so much in so many areas so I know that this principle could help her so much. So far I have printed the 1st chapter of the book and given it to her. She does not have access to email so this makes it hard too. I have an immense desire to help ALL the women to find this Abundant Life but many of them do not have access to internet or even a computer. I would love to host a Bible study but I feel that I need to learn and continue with my lessons and SG regarding this to lead the way. I am very wary of doing things in my own strength.

Dear Brides

We all want lives of Abundance don’t we? Lives free of worries? Well I can tell you personally that every time I surrendered and gave up Me for HIM I found some of this Abundant Life and I want more... So take a walk with me as we learn together about this Abundant Life together dear one. In this chapter you will learn about Jesus being All You want, All you need and All you Live for and when this happens that nothing else matters.... Because He take care of everything because He is your Everything! The enemy comes to steal kill and destroy but Jesus said that He has come not to judge the world but so that we can have LIFE and LIFE in ABUNDANCE!

The most special thing I have learnt is that:

He is all that I want
All that I need
All that I live for

And if I have Jesus I have everything that I need!!

Extracting the precious from the worthless...

“Therefore, thus says the LORD, ‘If you return, then I will restore you—Before Me you will stand; And if you
extract the precious from the worthless, You will become My spokesman. They for their part may turn to you,
But as for you, you must not turn to them” (Jer. 15:19).

Extract the precious from the worthless and find the precious dear Bride.



Bianca in Brazil

Here's a look at life, that I never thought was possible!
But with every chapter that I read, it corresponds with what I am going through and it is exactly how I feel.

It is an amazing feeling to know that I am always in the palm of HIS hands and that HE loves me.

Dear Brides, if you are seeking for a man who will never fail you...You need to read this.


Patricia in Hawaii

I enjoyed Finding the Abundant Life because it helped in my understanding of what the Abundant Life is and how to begin this journey along side our HH.

What I learned from the Abundant Life is something we should all want and strive for. It will help draw us closer to GOD and live the life he wants for us filled with joy, love, and above all a deeper relationship with Him as His bride.


Aude in France
*Update Aude RESTORED in France

Dear Brides, beyond what you are going through at this moment, and no matter what your marital status, social status, physical stature, spiritual state, or mental capabilities, this life can be the same for each and every one of us having the very opportunity to become His bride. He loves you just as we are and loves us, not in spite of, but because of our weaknesses! “While we were yet sinners, Christ died for us”; simply awesome!


Ghislaine in Cameroon

Just like all the books that are truly founded on God's Word, "Finding The Abundant Life" is such a treasure for our spiritual life.

Dear Brides, it is very difficult to wait, to believe after waiting for a long time. Yes, as I just read in this chapter, there was a time when I even wondered if what I was hoping for was God's will. I wondered if I was not mistaking, harassing the Lord for something He didn't want for me. But God knows in His wisdom what is the purpose of the waiting. He only knows why. So again we have to trust Him and keep faith.