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Yvonne in Botswana

This book is very aptly named, Living the Abundantly Life. It challenges me to really go deep into what the Lord wants from me as His bride and as a mother and an example to younger women.

To me it all comes down to having peace and joy and living my life with gratitude instead of complaining like I often do. Very early on in my RJ I read the book Prison to Praise and the verse 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 "Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, in everything give thanks; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you." For me this is part of living the abundant life. Well, this chapter alone I read showed me how far I am from living the abundant life that I know my dear Lord has planned for me.

Ladies, if you wish to start Living the Abundant life with your Heavenly Husband. This is the book to guide you in just that direction:)

Dear Brides, it is so wonderful to know that if we show mercy to others the Lord will show mercy to us. It is also a bit scary, because then we start asking the question: Do we show mercy to those who harm us? Let us ask the Lord to help us because in ourselves we will never be able to do it.


Michelle in California

It's worth reading and there is something in every chapter that we can relate to.


April in Florida

The title "No Longer An Adulteress" reeled me in since I also am no longer an adulteress. I have to admit it, when I began to read the chapter I started to get a little nervous when I realized that this chapter could possibly contain many truths causing my guilty feelings come back. However, it was just the opposite. Being reminded that Jesus covers my sins was refreshing to hear. But more importantly is the fact that, as Michelle mentions in the chapter, "He no longer wants me to live with the consequences of being an adulteress".
I was no longer slouched back reading the chapter. I sat up in anticipation of what I was about to hear next. I was very enlightened, delighted and excited to hear more. You see, I questioned the awful circumstances that surrounded my life before I got out of the adultery.

I can tell you that you have nothing to lose. You will experience love, learn wisdom, and become motivated to help others. Becoming closer to Him and walking this journey with others like you is a wonderful experience.


Migdalia in Puerto Rico

If you want to experience our Amado (HH) in His fullness this is a must book you must read.It will help you take Him out of the box where most of us has placed Him ....and let Him be God. Also this will teach you that what religiousness and what the church has taught us for years on end is not quite the way God works. It truly teaches us " Your will be done " so grab a cup of coffee and pick your most comfortable and favorite spot to read and let the book this book ..."knock your socks off " God bless and good readings...Amen !


Joy, RESTORED in Nevada

This book helped me to see the Lord even more as my Beloved, my Love. It is filled with personal experience and lessons we can all relate to and apply in our lives as we continue to seek Him and fulfill our desire to live the abundant life with Him. If like me, you once struggled with letting go of your EH, I recommend this book. It will open your eyes to the One, the only One who can truly give you the love you truly deserve and the abundant life you have been searching for.

A wonderful chapter within will open your eyes and help you understand how important this season of waiting is. I am reminded how my season of waiting prepared me for what was to come when the Lord fulfilled His promise. And I understood then why it is SO worth the wait!

What also stood out for me in one of the chapters is that, waiting doesn’t have to be a thorn on our side. That we actually can enjoy the wait, living our best life NOW, while waiting!! When my marriage fell, I thought I will never be happy again or laugh again or be free again until my marriage is restored. I thought this time of waiting will never end. Only because of Him that I was able to continue living my life and actually WANT to live and ENJOY it. And after a restored marriage, it’s so true what the ladies who went before us that also experienced a restored marriage have said, this time of waiting is actually the best because its just you and our Beloved!! You have all the alone time you could want and it is so much easier, living for Him and wanting to please only Him! Not our EH!


Teena in Texas

I feel this book helps you in so many areas where you feel that you are struggling. This book shows you why letting go is the best answer. Your eyes will be "opened"


Danusia in Turkey

The relationship with our Beloved is the most important of our lives, He is our priority, our true love, He is the only one that matters. So I want to invite you to search for Him, and to live the amazing love that only He can give.

Dear Brides, I encourage you to read the book and also to apply the principles in your life, and let the Lord guide you and transform your life.


Sandra from Indonesia

If ever you feel lost, overwhelmed and need direction in your life.This is not a book that you would want to miss.

Dear Brides, I wish I have read this and digested it much earlier, I would have saved myself a lot of frustration and from feeling condemned by others.



Rose in Utah

So many areas of this book has spoken to my life. The first time i was with RMI, they did a great job with me. Many of the pitfalls that I have read in here, rarely have I stepped into them again. Please read this book and be encouraged that you can live a life free of lies, knowing only the truth of our Lord.

Dear Brides, I call this the domino effect and how the Lord loves us so much to be there in those moments to pray on what truly is the truth. I encourage each of you to discern carefully.


Sara in Colón

An excelent example of the way to talk to God and rely on Him always.

Dear brides, allow Him to show you that His ways are higher than your ways.