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JDS, RESTORED in Florida

I recommend How God Can and Will Restore Your Marriage. It is truly awesome and very encouraging! I bought the cassette version, also, because I needed to hear the information again and again and again and again, etc.

Lord Jesus, I cannot praise You enough for restoring my marriage. You are truly worthy to be praised! I give You the highest praise -- hallelujah! I worship Lord! I praise Your name! I give You all the honor and the glory! Thank You, Jesus, for Restore Ministries! Thank You, Lord, for Erin! Thank You for my ePartner! LORD, I LOVE YOU! Praise God!


Elisa* RESTORED in the United Kingdom

How God Can and Will Restore Your Marriage and the Workbook for Women were the resources that helped me to become obedient (and it was very difficult for me to accept some of the sayings – I rebelled in the beginning!). They have been a continuous support, encouragement and a means of breaking my resistance and disobedience, as they are very clear and demanding. I would recommend both of these resources.


Brigette, RESTORED in Alabama

RYM Book — taught me the fundamentals of everything about restoration, and what I had done to cause this, and how I, without my spouse, with God's help, could help bring about restoration.


Donna, RESTORED in New Jersey

“After reading How God Can and Will Restore Your Marriage and Facing Divorce, I ordered every resource you suggested for women, along with additional materials. To date, I have exhausted all of my Hope Cards, tracts and recently gave my sister my copies of How God Can and Will Save Your Marriage and Facing Divorce.

The scriptural references in your materials are unlimited and touched every area that the Lord revealed to me that needed changing!

Your resources gave me HOPE and helped to restore my faith. You let me know that I wasn't crazy; as a matter of fact, now I know that when the world thinks I'm crazy, I can be certain I'm heading in the right direction.

If you are newly separated or heading in that direction, start with How God Can and Will Restore Your Marriage, Facing Divorce, then go directly to A Wise Woman. They are where I learned how to change the contentious behavior that marked my life. Then, continue through all the materials offered at Restore Ministries.”


Denitra* in United States

I Read this Book Over and Over Again! This book is awesome! Once I ordered the book after visiting the website, I could not wait to receive it. Once I retrieved the book online I instantly began reading the book. The information was very informative and helpful. I have learned so much from this book. I had already been praying to God for more wisdom and knowledge and this book was the answer. I completed the book in one day because once I began reading the book I just could not stop reading. I learned that I was a contentious wife along with some other things and I learned how to win without a word. I always thought I had to say something to my husband during this trying time, but I now know better and I just thank God for hearing my prayer. The principles in the book really hit home and I realized that I truly needed God to change me and make me over. Yes, I cried and asked God for forgiveness as I read because I was so lost not knowing that I was headed for destruction . I have begun to apply the principles in my life and I have to tell you that I am amazed. God is awesome!!! This book has taught me not to run to my husband or others but to run and cry out to God because he truly is my source. I have learned to lean, trust, and depend on God for everything. I love the fact that every principle in this book is backed up by scripture, therefore I know it is “God breathed and profitable for instruction, for reproof and conviction of sin, for correction of error and discipline in obedience and for training in righteousness (2 Timothy 3:16)”. I would encourage anyone in a marriage crisis to get this book and read it on a constant basis. It has truly been a blessing in my life and a pleasure to read. I read this book over and over again, it is like my go to guide and I make sure that I stay in the will of God. If you don’t have it and you’re wondering whether you should get, don’t hesitate any longer and le t the enemy keep you from receiving the knowledge and understanding the God has for you!


In Florida

Divine Intervention! This book will help you realize that your marriage is not yours nor is your husband. It will show you a way that God can bring you through the trials you are facing to a beautiful new you. God will be right there the whole time guiding and teaching if you allow him to. For all those who wish they knew how to change things but don't have a clue and need someone to help desperately. A must have for anyone who is married or is thinking about it.


In Georgia

Restored With Two Sons! I stumbled across Erin's first book about eight years ago. I had bought about 14 of these books when my husband and I had separated. He was back in Sweden, and I was here in the U.S. It's a long story...

Anyhow, Erin's book completely set things straight in my mind and heart, whereas none of the other books did. You can't imagine how incredibly thankful I am... I have my husband back (18 years) and now we have 2 boys! I will write a testimony sometime this summer... 🙂


Tania in New York

I Just Didn't Know! This book showed me versus of the bible that I never knew, that I didn't know and how wrong I was in my marriage. It is definitely a mind and eye opener. I had no idea of all the mistakes I had committed in my marriage. This book explains what we go through, how we think, and what we should do to save our marriage. Who would of thought? Erin did and God blessed her and her marriage. Dear Lord, may she continue to help others by writing these books and testimonies of people that have gone through the same dilemma with their marriages. We are not alone and there is definitely hope.


In Nevada

Are You Considering Divorce? Reading this book will open the door to healing for you, your marriage, your family, and anyone whose life is touched by yours. It is mostly Scripture contained in a framework of specific subjects related to a wife's role in marriage.

The first chapter is devoted to crisis management and gives an overview of specific, step-by-step, Biblical principles to apply to your marriage in the midst of the crisis. In only a few minutes, you will have the tools you need to escape the prison of despair, and you will see new hope for your marriage, no matter how far gone it appears to be! Yes, even YOUR marriage can be restored!

The subsequent chapters expand and further illuminate each principle and will help you fine-tune your walk toward the restoration of your marriage.

The most helpful aspect of the book is that the author has lived where you are living right now. She knows the suffocating pain of betrayal, the sleepless nights, the inability to eat, the panic and fear, the tremendous grief felt for the children caught in the midst of marital trauma.

There is no better guide to show you the way out of the valley than one who has walked the path before you and actually made it all the way to the top of the mountain!!!

Don't give up on your marriage just yet--read this book first!

God Can Turn our Circumstances into a Blessing!


In Europe

God Can Turn our Circumstances into a Blessing! This book is an answer to my prayers. Every single chapter is based on the biblical principles supported by verses in the Bible that makes us to go back to the basic principles of the very reason for the marriage institution as God wants it to be.

When I read it I realized the terrible mistakes I have done that caused my marriage to get worse instead of better but I also found new hope because through the experiences of Erin Thiele( the author of this book) I know that God can turn my circumstances into a blessing.

There's so much truth in this book that every married women should know.It teaches us many principles that the modern woman have abandoned i.e.,having a gentle and quiet spirit,using few words,even winning without a word and the power of prayer among a few.

There are also powerful testimonies in the book of Erin and other women who gave all to the Lord and through their brokenness and renewal of the mind the Lord turned their marriages around.

This is really a must for all those who are seeking seriously the will of God for their marriages. The message is the good news, that there is hope!