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from Florida

The Workbook is truly a workbook! At the end of each chapter, you have questions and homework, which helps you become not only a hearer but also a doer of His Word. The testimonies keep you encouraged that things can work out for the good. There are a lot of scripture verses for you to jot down on note cards to keep handy to help you keep the faith as you are going through your trial - this helped me to know that GOD will prevail and that He will give us the desires of our hearts in due time. PTL!



The "Wise Woman" and "Restore Your Marriage" principles are TIMELESS and must not be viewed as a "one time" "got that part done" type thing, but as an ongoing, INTEGRAL part of every WISE WOMAN'S life!!

 The Lord showed me the other day that the reason my restoration was stalled and eventually destroyed back in 08'/'09 was because I was not RENEWING MY MIND with the WW principles! Like any test, you must be prepared and studying the RIGHT material in order to PASS or you will fail as I did!

 Of course, our "tests" in life never end, even when our families are restored, so we must constantly be in the Word, in season and out of season, studying to show ourselves approved a workman that needeth not be ASHAMED! Perhaps that is why so many of us women walk in shame because we are not renewing our minds and cleansing ourselves with His Word??? 


from Norway

This is my first praise report ever! Today I put back on my finger the alliance ring he once gave me! (I lost my wedding ring a long time ago.) My husband left November (there was an OW) and later divorced me - without me signing the papers.

Since then I have started to read A Wise Woman. Yesterday I read about DOING the word not just BELIEVING it! So, I put on my ring, to DO and to show what I believe in - our restoration - in God's time! There is still a lot to be done in me! But I NEVER expected to be where I am at this point!

Glory to God! I am actually working with God towards a restored marriage! Who would guess! Thanks also for my wonderful e-partner from Florida. I pray she is safe!


from Texas

I was reading the "A Wise Woman" when the Lord prompted me to reread the chapter "Helper Suitable." Crying I told God my desire is to be a helper suitable for my husband. I asked Him to break and make me into the helper He created. Monday, my husband asked if I could make dinner for the family! Later that week, he asked if could make him lunch! Before my husband moved out, I hated cooking. I did it with resentment, but God is breaking and remaking me. Praise the Lord!


Kenya, RESTORED in Virginia
I would definitely recommend this resource as God has used Erin in way that is shedding light and saving the destruction of so many marriages today. Erin's humility and transparency has given me hope and opened the door to experience my Father in Heaven in a whole new capacity!


Rose from California
The book is really a perfect book to read to all the women, single or married, young or old, widow or barren, women of all walks of life. Should I have I known about these principles before I could be in a better position and in better relationship with our Lord. God is a forgiving God and it is never too late --- God loves us so much that He gave His only Son and with said, God accepts us in any minute of the day! By following His precepts, we are all in perfect Hands!


Anna in California

I think this is a must read for any woman with children or a newlywed. It helps women seek God for every aspect of her life including work, home, husbands, and children.


Melissa in Wyoming

The book "A Wise Woman Builds Her House: By a FOOL Who First Built on Sinking Sand" is life transforming. I recommend this book to any woman who can read. Because it has been directed by our Lord and is filled with so much scripture references and encouragement, it only blesses those who read it. I am very thankful it was recommended to me.


Desiree in Texas

I would recommend "A Wise Woman to build her house on the Rock, the Word of God. To be Quiet & gentle spirit, Won Without a Word, kindness on Her Tongue.


Heila in South Africa

I would recommend this book to all women young and old. This is a guide for women to experience the Lord in ways most women who attend church every Sunday will never do. This book has really opened my eyes to the truths of the Word of God and showed me how easily the way the world sees women and how they should be can creep into your life. Even with Christians I see this happening.