Hi, I am Yvonne vd Hoff in South Africa 🇿🇦 and I am the LMF Owner of NarrowRoadPublishingHouse (NRPH). I am also RMI's Part-Time Webmaster and Bookkeeper. I am a Level 4 PM "Practicing Minister" and Instructor at RMIOU.

I grew up in a house where we seldom went to church and my parents were divorced. After I discovered the love of God and that He wants a relationship with me, I got an insatiable appetite for His Word and He soon became my Friend and then Husband.

Erin 2015

~ Erin Thiele is the founder of Restore Ministries International and the author of most of our books documenting her extensive Restoration Journey over three decades.

In late 2023, Erin began offering her ministries as LMF to the women who had been working as RMI’s Ministry Team Members so they could work independently, though as One Body with the other LMFs. This has allowed Erin to focus on writing and overseeing her 38 Ministry Branches 🌿on dozens of Websites Digital Cloud Properties she built over the course of 33 years.

Even though Erin is no longer ministering after passing the torch to RMIOU Graduates and the passionate Ministers currently being trained, she smiles at the future, anticipating what her Beloved has in store for her.

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