Recommended Reading

PLEASE LOOK THROUGH and pray about purchasing the books from the RECOMMENDED READING List from our original A Wise Woman and have linked each book to Amazon.

First a warning: We who have gone through difficult marriages, separation and/or divorce want to warn you about books, ideas or other people who will sway you to go the way of the world, which always ends in disaster. It may seem like the easiest road, but in the end it is the road to even more sadness, trials, difficulties and heartache than you are already experiencing. Please be careful what you read! Those books whose foundation is in philosophy, or those written by psychologists or marriage counselors, will fill your mind with destructive thoughts.

We do NOT recommend reading books that cover the following topics: “spicing up your marriage,” “tough love,” and “co-dependency.” We have seen the damage these ideas have done in destroying marriages and the women who looked to them in their desperation.

Look to God and to those of like mind to encourage you. Please go to the Counselor (God's Word), which is free, and save your money and your marriage. Stay away from the “professionals.” If you cannot find these books in your church library, ask if they might order them from your local Christian bookstore.

The ISBN number will help them to order the correct book. All of these are in paperback and most are very inexpensive.


The Bible. New American Standard Bible. The verses in this workbook have been taken from this version. Some have asked me why I used the NASB and not the King James Version. The reason is that when my husband left me, he left behind his Bible, a NASB. I used his Bible for about 20 months before he asked for it back. I lived every Scripture that is in this workbook. In addition, before my husband left I was not submissive. I had my KJV because I was a Pharisee. Each woman should use the version that her husband uses. 

Read how Erin read through the bible with Alexander Scourby


Prison to Praise by Merlin R. Carothers is a book I discovered later in my Restoration Journey that changed the way I looked at everything. It was Mr. Carothers testimony that made such an impact where he took the verse to bless his enemies that showed me how powerful His word is. I’m sure any book by Merlin R. Carothers would be excellent.


Streams in the Desert Mrs. Charles Cowman wrote her thoughts, quotations and spiritual inspirations which helped to sustain her during her difficult years as a missionary and particularly the six years she nursed her husband while he was dying. This has been a devotional classic for more than seventy years! A must if you are living in the midst of trials! I lived in this book for more than 2 years! ISBN 0-310-22420-9


Hinds Feet on High Places by Hannah Hurburt. This is available in most Christian bookstores. It is a story about the character “Much-Afraid” and her journey to perfect peace. Her struggles and fears will make you cry and her triumphs will inspire you to continue your difficult walk. I have read this many times alone and to my children. ISBN 8423-1433-4


Come Away My Beloved. The poems and short stories are written as though God was speaking to you Himself. A wonderful book for meditation and comforting thoughts. ISBN 0-932814-02-6


My Utmost for His Highest by Oswald Chambers. This is a wonderful daily devotional as well as a place to journal your growth in the Lord. ISBN 1-57748-737-5


Supernatural Childbirth by Jackie Mize. This book is full of Scriptures and is an awesome and powerful testimony to the Word of God and His promises. Jackie was told as a young girl that she would never be able to have a baby, but when she met her husband who knew the promises of God, their awesome testimony began. Not only did they discover how to conceive and carry a baby to term, together they discovered the secret of having a totally PAIN FREE labor and delivery!


Author Cathy Lechner. This woman has an incredible way of ministering to women. Don’t let her cover fool you. You’ll laugh, cry and feel convicted that you need more of the Lord in your life after reading them. This author can be found in the “Spirit-Filled” section of your local bookstore. Don’t let the “Spirit-filled” scare you Baptists away.


Me? Obey Him? by Elizabeth Handford uses God's Word to present the reasons for a wife's submission to her husband. She shares all the blessings, joys and privileges that living a life according to God's plan will bring. A book every woman must read! The older edition is better. Her revised edition squirms on women who are abused. ISBN 0-87398-552-4

The newer version has been modified and watered down due to the feminist influence.


The Way Home by Mary Pride answers the questions: “Is a career always more fulfilling than motherhood?” “Can woman realize her full potential only by leaving home and getting a job?” She discusses why many Christian wives and mothers have finally turned their backs on “planned barrenhood,” the “me” marriage, “no-fault” childrearing, careerism and a host of other non- biblical, unchristian alternatives. ISBN 0-89107-345-0


Who Will Rock the Cradle? by Phyllis Schlafly. Each chapter is written by a different expert in the area of childcare, from pediatricians to the actual owners of a multitude of day care institutions. Surprisingly, all agree that the phenomenon of day care is destroying our children and our society. The book, I found out, is currently out of print. However, large book distributors can still get them