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The Bible says that to find your life you first must lose it— and, *Michele Michaels did just that! ​

It’s women like Michele who have been called to blaze the trails for so many women. In this unique book, which is included in her five-book Abundant Life series, Michele takes us along on a specific valley in her journey. Facing Divorce without fear by embracing the adversity. By following the words of our Savior, who taught us in the Beatitudes not to resist evil, Michele agrees enthusiastically— turning a crisis into a peacefulness that is palpable to the reader.

An inspiration to all of us, without becoming entangled in any legal battle, Michele stationed herself, stood by and watched the salvation of the Lord on her behalf . . . without fear . . . because her Beloved Lord, her Heavenly Husband was and still is with her. Michele has found and is living a life she never dared to dream was possible—she found the abundant life that her Savior died to give her!​

If you follow the principles in this book, which Michele documents, you too will discover a life with your Beloved Bridegroom— becoming His most precious bride not after you die— but in order to Live Life Abundantly. ~ Erin

“Reading this book helped me to no longer fear the divorce my husband filed, but get excited by what God would do. As Michele stated would happen if we embraced it, he immediately dropped the divorce. Now we're like two newlyweds giggling about our first date, and the wonderful future God has planned for us.” ~ Estelle RESTORED in Arizona

“After reading Facing Divorce Again, when my husband approached me, I was no longer afraid and happily agreed enthusiastically, and I signed. After that everything changed. I became His bride and I knew things would eventually change but I was no longer in a hurry. I had no more pain. Victory is certain when the fight is His.” ~ Bealle RESTORED in France

“Reading FDA gave me the confidence to not hire a lawyer to challenge the divorce, God intervened and the lawyer missed the deadline on the day of the hearing and the divorce proceedings were dropped. I discovered the Love of my life in the process, and it’s a fairytale come true!”  ~ Alicia RESTORED in Brazil

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★★★★★ Reviews

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Facing Divorce—Again
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