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“The Bible says that to find your life you first must lose it— and, *Michele Michaels did just that!

It’s women like Michele who have been called to blaze the trails for so many women who find themselves alone, often losing a husband or children or family. In the first of her five book series, Michele takes us along on her journey that didn’t lead to her regaining what she lost—but finding a relationship so strong, so fulfilling and so peaceful that she’s become an inspiration to all of us.

Though her life should have fallen apart, Michele, instead found a life she never dared to dream was possible—she found the abundant life Jesus died to give her!

In this life-changing book, Michele documents the road that led her around the world, literally, but even more—she discovered her life with her Beloved Bridegroom and found that we were meant to be His most precious bride... something she believed (and most of us believe) would happen only after we die.”

“I am grateful for Michele's transparency as her testimonies have resonated so loudly in my life. After coming to the realization that He is more than enough, He restored my husband as the true leader of our family and we are walking out His promise of abundance.” ~ Cierra RESTORED in Kentucky

“This is not a self-help book with a checklist of things that will never work in our lives—it invites and teaches us to pursue a relationship with our Heavenly Husband. Problems will always surround us, but when we choose to give it to Him, then we can find joy and peace.” ~ Sara in Turkey

“After reading this book I am now enjoying living the Abundant Life. When I started my Journey, I never thought it would be possible to be happy without my earthly husband. Having found my Heavenly Husband, I know that I can live without anything as long as I have Him!” ~ Yvonne in South Africa

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Living the Abundant Life
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