Lota, RESTORED in Puerto Rico

It just amazes me on how each chapter brings light to so many situations. I have to say that this chapter touched my heart as at this moment I am going through a situation with my adult daughter. My first reaction is to protect her so she feels no pain or discomfort, but as I SG, he gently guides me to trust HIM and let her go. I told her that it didn't matter what her dad or I wanted. It is her time to SG for His will for her life. She needs to experience who HE is personally and if I continue to intervene, I will not allow her to find Him. No one wants to see their children struggle, but we know that it is in the tough times HE shows Himself strong on our behalf. Like what it says in the devotional STREAMS, July 6th, "LIVING A LIFE OF FAITH OFTEN REQUIRES US TO LEAVE THINGS ALONE. IF WE HAVE COMPLETELY ENTRUSTED SOMETHING TO GOD, WE MUST KEEP OUR HANDS OFF IT."

There is a chapter called “Those Voices”  and I remember a day when I had those voices both exterior and interior were weighing me down. Since I learned here in RMI to go to my HH for everything, I did. It is so difficult to hear someone say negative things to me especially when it is someone I love and respect and that day it was bad. I was holding back my tears keeping my eyes wide open because I knew if I closed them a river would flow and my tear are only for the Lord, so deep in my heart I cried out to Him and said, "My Love, tell me what You think about me. IF You love me and accept me then I am OK because all I need is YOU"! Right then I felt a peace and joy that surrounded me. I can't explain it. I kept hearing WORDS come out of the other's mouth but it was like a shield placed around my heart and my LOVE was protecting me. My dear Brides, it may not be easy or our first reaction because of our flesh, but take EVERYTHING to HIM who is TRUTH and HE will heal and set you free!


Cierra, RESTORED in Kentucky

Living the Abundant life has truly been a blessing. My life has been enriched and I have grown deeper and more intimate in my relationship with our Beloved. It is nice to know that He came so that I may experience the abundant life now in my present and current reality.

My prayer is that this book ends up in the hands of every single lady who is struggling with who they are and what their purpose is. This book will direct you to His word and allow you to find a deep and meaningful relationship with the one true lover of your soul.

Dear Brides, today that I was reminded that we each have very different unique journeys. Our journey will take us to places unimaginable and mature us in ways that we never thought possible. He is searching, He is walking this earth looking for ways and opportunities to shower us with His blessings, but He allows the trials and refining fires to test our character so that He can know if it is Him that we want or just His provision and bounty. My prayer is that you choose Him. In choosing Him you will come to learn of a love that is wonderfully magnificent and a love so healing and enriching that it will be the best you ever know 🙂


Bianca in Brazil

This book will help you to know more about the Lord and how to have a more intimate relationship with Him as a woman. This will give you a new perspective of life and a confidence, happiness and freedom you will experience and bring you what you really desire-- true LOVE!

This book will help you to learn more about a real relationship with the Lord. Some principles and revelations that will change the way you think about God and what He wants for you life. You will find the freedom and a new perspective according to the Lord's love for you.


Katherine, RESTORED in Kentucky

Do you want to be healed? Made complete? Do you want to live the abundant life? Then, I recommend reading this book, because it will answer questions that you may have been asking for years.


Mercy in Botswana

All of us seek a life of abundance ...not merely going through life day by day leading a mediocre existence. This book teaches us how to live our lives abundantly by following biblical principles. God WANTS us to live abundant lives. This was especially meaningful to me!!


Gina in Arizona

I highly encourage you to read this book!! It helped to change my life from living a life of fear to now living a life that is joyful. It is teaching me so much! He has a better plan for me and I have nothing to fear when I finally began to live the abundant life!!


Ana in California

This is an awesome book that will literally change your life!! I highly encourage you to get on board.


Vickie in Wisconsin

Many times I was taught the wrong doctrine from the pulpit or not even taught what God wanted of me as a wife and mother. God has used this book to open my eyes to my shortcomings, areas I didn't even know were in need of correcting (just like the other books provided by RMI). If you have been searching for help and found this book online, God ordained it. I encourage you to read and learn what He has to say and to learn about His love for you.

This lesson was valuable to me, showing me that there IS a difference between God and Jesus. I was never taught that growing up, nor did I ever learn that in church as an adult. I've learned this principle through RMI and am so grateful. I love that I can literally just talk to my Love wherever and whenever I want! Just as a loving Bride would to her Husband. I take all my concerns to Him. But more importantly I tell Him how I love Him so and the chapter helped refresh my heart to how simple that really is to do.

I also learned through reading this that a lot of times when things aren't going right and when everything seems to be falling apart-worse than it was OR even when something seems 'dead'... This is God's way of stretching & teaching in order that we trust Him more and that a blessing is on it's way.

I encourage you to read and re-read this book. Pondering on His love for you. 5 Stars to this book! If you want to feel a love that you have never felt in your lifetime - this book can lead you to that feeling...Your Heavenly Love.


Leslie in Ohio

We all have listened to others. Some people have really hurt us with their words. But in the chapter I just read Michele talks about the only "Voice" we should listen to. That voice is our First Love. Take the time to read this chapter and learn the truth that you are loved!! You are loved by Him!! This book is so encouraging and truth filled. This book is leading me into a deeper relationship that I have never expected.


Donna in Maine

I loved, loved, loved this book!!! It gave me so much understanding of who I truly am! I am the Lord’s Bride whom He adoringly loves and He spares me from all harm. I am far from perfect, but yet He cherishes me.

I am a woman who grew up not knowing what love really was. I was hurt over and over again. I used to feel that the intimate love I was searching for had to come from an earthly man. After reading this book, I found out this was not so, and no one can satisfy me like the Lord does. He truly became my Husband when my earthly one rejected me. If you are a woman in these same types of circumstances, please read this book to find the love you’ve always been searching for. Fairy tales do not exist, but the love I am speaking of really does!!!

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