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Erin Thiele spent her first year on the Internet answering questions sent to her former Daily Q&A Column from women who were facing some of the most difficult marital dilemmas.

Now the highly acclaimed web column has been published in this book. Learn Scriptural answers and how to apply them to YOUR present or future crisis situation.

This book promises to be your constant resource and guide for restoring your marriage.

Often controversial and debated, this book will tell you the complete and unhidden truths that not only restored Erin’s marriage, but have helped restore those that clutter their website and fill her books of restored marriage testimonies!

Whether you need help in your marriage, or you are trying to help someone else, this book is a must read for anyone involved in marriage restoration!

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Questions and Answers: Your Marriage Restoration Handbook
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2 thoughts on “Questions and Answers: Your Marriage Restoration Handbook: eBook

  • Avatar

    Souvenez vous de nous les francophones s’il vous plaît 🥺
    J’aimerais acheté le total des livres mais pas de version française
    Que le Seigneur vous aide à trouver une entreprise pour vous aider à cela.
    Merci que Dieu vous bénisse 🙏🏽

    Good morning
    Please remember us French speakers
    I would like to buy all the books but no French version
    May the Lord help you find a company to help you with this.
    Thank you God bless you 🙏🏽

  • Yvonne vd Hoff PM 🇿🇦
    Yvonne vd Hoff PM 🇿🇦

    Thank you Zeina, our hope is also that all our books will be available in French and so many more other languages.
    Please visit our French Blog for daily encouragement and meeting like-minded women.

    Merci Zeina, nous espérons aussi que tous nos livres seront disponibles en français et dans bien d’autres langues.
    Veuillez visiter notre blog français pour des encouragements quotidiens et rencontrer des femmes partageant les mêmes idées.