Mateus in Brazil

More hope! Read testimonials is uplifting. I have followed the course of the RMI in Portuguese (30 Dias De Esperanca) and had been filling the forms out there, reading the testimonies, until I got to, where I could also find evidence and materials for men and saw that I am not alone in this journey of faith and obedience to God, where are shaped more into His image! Glory to God that He continue to bless the families that have been restored so that they can always witness the grace and mercy of God that has achieved.


Jess in Philippines

God really is faithful. He can more than restore any marriage.


Russell in Canada

This book encouraged me to know beyond a shadow of a doubt that God wants to restore my marriage. It gives me faith and increases my hope to know that God is for me.


Jason in California

It has given me hope that through any circumstances our faith in God can pull us through. No matter how deep in the valley, our faith moves the hand of God.



David in USA

This is a excellent book with loads of truth. Faith is the currency of Heaven the more you have of it the more you can get from God. Keeping the truth before your eyes will keep you on the road of restoration.


So Encouraging*

Awesome BOOK!!!!!!!!!!!! This book is a must for any person who wants GODS WILl and wants to save their marriage! Its powerful and real!


L. Mejia in AZ

All things work together for good. Have you been told by others, even Christians, that your marriage is hopeless? Once you read this book, you will know that with God NOTHING is impossible! The testimonies in this book are real when everything "looked" hopeless. But when they turned to God and followed the Biblical principles from their other books "A wise man" and "How God can and will restore your marriage," they saw their marriage restored. What looks impossible to man is NOT impossible with God. He Himself said "I am the God of all mankind, is anything too hard for Me?" Read this book and you will be filled with hope!


Harm in South Africa

The testimonies, helped me believe their is hope for me In the Word of God. If God can do it for other men, why not for me?
It helps me keep my faith up.


Daniel in Florida

There are so many testimonies of marriages being restored. Impossible siutaions that God made possible as only He could do. With man (me) my marriage restoration is impossible, but with God, all thing are possible. I believe that God WILL restore my marriage. When I do not know. That is hard but He has infinite Wisdom and knows what is best for me. Lean not on my understanding but in all ways submit to Him and He will make my path straight. The Lord is always working behind the scenes and I have no idea how and what he is doing with my estranged spouse. I must walk by faith and not by site. God hates divorce and the whole ministry of the Lord his reconciliation. Reconciling us back to the Father. He surely can reconcile my marriage.


Ed in New Jersey

Reading how others have allowed God to restore their marriages and just praising him and giving him the glory no matter how trying or how long it took. FAITH builder!

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