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"My wife is out of home, is my fault, I lived in sin hurting her. When she got out of home God touched me and changed me, today I am a different man, I have been knocking the heart of my wife, but she rejected me, she said I do not want to get hurt again. When God guided me to this web site I was blessed, the hopeless hugged me. What I found here opened my eyes and my heart, and every testimony gave me strength. I am trusting that God is working in the heart of my wife, two months ago she said stop I do not want to hear your words, two weeks ago she only hear me and that is a lot for me, and I know than soon she will open her heart to my and I will full it with love, respect and honor, thanks for this ministry."

I have recently read have also read "A Wise Man" amazing!


Tom in Massachusetts

In my despair, crying out to God to save my marriage, He led to me to your website, your books, and on the way to restoring my faith. I have since found a measure of peace that I have not felt in a long time. Also I have seen some very small, yet important improvements, just in the phone calls between me and my wife. I wish I had found these books sooner, maybe some heartache would have been prevented. I believe my wife is currently in a lesbian affair. I pray that God will continue to heal me and fix me, and then turn my wife's heart back to me. There are many people selling quick fixes. I bought one of them, and was tempted to buy others. While in the past I thought that I was getting some good information and advice from some of these sites, I see more clearly now. When I look at them now, it mostly seems like a lot of baloney! Thank you so much for these books, and for making them available. May God Bless you. Thank You God, and I pray that You will continue to lift me up when I stumble. 


Jon in US

Erin I love what you are doing to save marriages. My sad story is that after almost an entire 13 year marriage of sexual sin my wife divorced me. It was not just the sexual sin but also my controlling and manipulative ways. I have been in recovery and realize the depth of my sin not just towards my wife but also towards the Lord. We are both Christians but she never wanted to go to counseling and I understand. We have 3 precious children and I am now seeking the Lord more than I have ever in my life. Thank you


Tim in North Carolina

Before reading this book, I truly spent every day focused on the situation at hand; angry at all involved. Surely I thought there was a way that I could fix it. If I could find just the right card, say the right thing, sooner or later it would work out. I didn't think there was any other way. Since I've read the materials, I have stopped pursuing my wife, turned it over to the Lord, and given my time to drawing close to Him. Following the precepts in the book can be hard, sometimes I still fail, but God shows me something new, sometimes little, sometimes big, each and every time I listen.

My restoration with my wife isn’t complete – yet, but I know and believe truly for the first time during this whole situation that God is in control! He is working on both our lives to draw us closer to Him and then back home to each other. He has done miraculous things just in the past year and the wall of anger is COMPLETELY down. I haven't seen my wife in over four years but I believe in my heart, and through this teaching of God's Word, that He is able to do all things. God can and will restore my marriage. I just thank God for Erin and this ministry. I would have probably given up a long time ago if not for these materials and missed the blessing God has for my wife and me.


In Ohio

Without a doubt, the most convicting, educational, life-changing book (other than the Bible) that I have ever read in my life. It literally penetrated my soul, much as the Word, because it is His Word from the Lord's anointed. I never saw myself as clearly as I did until reading this book, AND I have read it six times! I always break down, ask for forgiveness and pray that I can be half the man that God desires me to be for my wife, children, and others. It is a book for any marriage - it will make any marriage, no matter what condition it is in - better!


In Virginia

This book, with its unique selection and placement of the Scripture, along with Erin’s teaching commentary, was the most cutting document I have ever read, and I have read extensively over the last three years. It made me see with absolute clarity the vision that God intended for me as a husband and a father. It also showed me how deep my repentance needed to be to my God, to my precious wife and our children. I have never found another resource like it, and I am deeply indebted to Erin, and the Holy Spirit who works through ordinary, but broken people.



Jim in Ohio

No man who is seeking the truth, regardless of his marital status, will ever regret reading this book – I should know, I have read it over six times! 



My wife said, “I don’t love you anymore; I want to be single and date.” That’s when I bought this book. I followed the directions and two weeks ago I returned home to find my wife’s car - she had returned home! God has restored my marriage and my wife and I are so happy!


In Florida

All I know now is that ALL the things in this book are true. My wife has not only returned, but our marriage is a lot better than it was when we first met. She is happy and calls me three times a day just to say "I love you!" We go to the movies and the mall holding hands. Well, Restore Ministries, thanks for teaching me how to be the Christian God has called me to be.


I cannot tell you enough how much I wish I had this book before following and confronting my wife with the other man. The horrifying consequences of that and from not following the principles of scripture the book outlines has been unreal. I had led the life of a carnal Christian and allowed sin to penetrate and destroy my marriage to the point where my wife left me. I went to a local church a friend of mine attended and broke down and gave myself over to Christ unlike anytime ever before in my life. I felt compelled to fight for our marriage as I very much love my wife. The problem was that I just didn't know how to fight. Then I found out about your ministry from my wife's brother - I finally found hope in a sea of despair.

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