Orien in Indonesia

Faith Is Not Logical. Thank you God.. thank you for this ministry. The FAL book changed my life.. God change my life and He started with your RYM book Erin. I feel blessed.

People might thought that i am so lonely and desperate and of course they will thought how poor i am live with my sister, divorced, jobless, and my son (25 months) is not with me. Well i don't judge them for what they saw. And the best part is, i don't need to think about it, no argument, no need to be like people want me to be. Just smile, smile for everything. A smile that i got from my HH. Because what they didn't know was this is actually the best days of my life, not the way they saw, but it's the way i felt, I feel. I feel peace in my heart. I know i am not lonely, i know i didn't need anyone because i have my HH. And He the One who made my days was great.

My friend said that is good i have faith, but it has to be logical. As my HH taught me not to argue, so all i said just it's faith and you have to trust God. I said someday you will understand and hope you can feel it too. And i believe God will make everyone understand, in His time. I am still learning, i want to be as close as i can be with the Lord. I want Him for my life.

This journey has taught me to focus on Him and build a relationship with the Lord. And all i want is only to have a great relationship with Him. Jesus is all i want, Jesus is all i need.

“I create the fruits of the lips: "Peace, peace, to him who is far and to him who is near," says the Lord;"and I will heal them.” (Isaiah 57:19)

“The Lord blessing brings wealth, and He adds no trouble to it.” (Proverbs 10:22)

Focus on Him my dear brides and you will feel His blessing every single day.



Rita, RESTORED in Texas

I give this book, Finding the Abundant Life, five stars because it is very encouraging. It shows very well how futile it is to trust in and struggle for restoration in our human relationships when our wonderful Creator is waiting so patiently for us to restore our hearts to Him. Instead of focusing on what my earthly husband was doing or not doing, I'd rather have the Lover who's love always satisfies and can never be taken away. Why keep wasting my time allowing an earthly man to have so much power over my emotional well-being who is in desperate need for the same intimacy with the Lord? He is passionate for me, promises never to leave me and is faithful and true to His word. He is my everything and after reading and re-reading this book, no one will ever love and cherish me the way that He does.

This book by Michele really answers many questions that wives who've been rejected or even single ladies may have on how to go about obtaining that very intimate relationship with the Lord. After reading this book and following Michele's example of asking God to help me feel that way about Him, my restored marriage doesn't hold the same fascination for me. This book is a must-read for every woman and young girl. It will change your life and put all of your marital/relationship woes into perspective...


Joy RESTORED in Nevada

This book helped me so much to overcome all the neagtive emotions that thretened to overwhelm me when I learned there might be an OW. It helped me to let go of my situation even more and trust in my Beloved. It was like reading a love story written for me, reminding me of who I am, whom I belonged... that I am loved. When I was battling with my negative emotions, I would repeat to myself the truths I read from the chapters, "they don't have it". And what they dont have, they can't give. My EH can't give me what I want or need and so I shouldnt be looking to him, but keeping my eyes on the One who can and does give me what I need and more. It set me free!! Hallelujah!! It didn't only help in this area but showed me how I can live the abundant life my Beloved gave us, right here right now, no matter what my situation might be. And that's what I am discovering!! Life is wonderful!! And I'm so thankful for t his book and I look forward to reading it over and over!


Catalina in Honduras

I personally love this book because it was truly a Godsend for my life. I thought I had to struggle all the way through restoration and suffer and be in pain and I even cried out to the Lord saying how badly I wanted that and the shame to be removed because I couldn't bear it. This book was the answer He gave me and it also opened my eyes to all the ways in which He is and wants to be there for me. He longs for me to seek Him with all my heart and He also longs to make me His bride, to protect me and love me so dearly that the troubles of this world will be easier to face because I won't be alone but hand in hand with my brand new wonderful Husband.

Michele is truly a wise woman who I admire and I have told my Husband that I want to have what she does. A true and intimate relationship with our Lord and Husband Jesus. Her spirit and courage are an inspiration and the living proof of what the Lord can and wants to accomplish in our lives as His Brides!!!

I can only be excited for this brand new journey of discovering and bashing in His great Love and protection, of letting go of doubt and fear and all the wordly things that bind us to pain and tears and run after the One Who is always going to catch me, love me and cherish me like no other in this world!


Cheryl in New York

I am so amazed at how our God works. I have been experiencing this wanting an abundant life but not sure exactly what it was. This book has confirmed all the Lord has been speaking to me. And has been an answer to prayers. I have been seeking him for these answers. Standing on this edge of Him being my all and he lead me here. His perfect timing and answers to me my beloved. 

My life was an absolute mess before I came here. I was an adulteress, separated from my husband and children, depressed of no hope at all even though I was a christian. One who truly didn't know the Lord. I am blessed now. I know my Lord and on the path to the abundant life. Thanks to the Lord and you

I would absolutely recommend this book to other women. This is the place in our journal we all need to arrive at. The only place in our journey and lives to live.


April in Florida

Finding the Abundant life encourages you to stop struggling with the trials of life and to let it all go. It teaches you that there is an abundance of love and blessings out there waiting for us, if we would just allow Him to be everything to us. Michele is truly straightforward in this book which gives us women the opportunity to experience what it took for her to obtain an abundant life and how it might help us to experience the same.


Migdalia in Puerto Rico

It has been a beacon of light over various trials and circumstances that arise in this Journey. It has been a guide. Thank You and may the Lord Bless You over and exceedingly beyond your wildest dreams...Blessed Be!

I recommend this book as a priority. It is a map and guide to various trials and circumstances that we who are on the narrow road on this RJ come across. Though we must remember no two Journeys are identical and vary...still it is an in depth view into a woman who has gone through the fire and has come out , more than once ...and does not smell like smoke. It has been an eye opener on things we tend to overlook while in the fire.

My life was being torn apart and feeling like a rebel an odd ball to state it differently. Was being miss led by those I thought knew more about the word than me . My ears were being tickled by the world and fellow Christians who stated that all was permitted and orchestrated by God to give a way of escape so that He could bring into my life " someone better", was at my lowest point, depressed, angry... name it ...was going through it..was following another ministry that did not really click within me, because there approach is to ...I'd call stay in your spouse's face all the time" which quite did not add up because if God's in control why put our hands in openly? Anyway a lady reached out to me and placed part of the first chapter of Erin's book. Looked into it and found a link to the ministry and praise the Lord have been here ever since. I am being untwined from the watered down and mix of the world and the word ...and being fed the true Word in black and white, never changing and alive. Hallelujah


Amalia in Slovakia

This book also helped me to experience the love, admiration and kindness of the Lord to the max. To finally take Him as He really wants to be for me - to be my Husband. To be the first One and Only in my life. I also learned how to live worry or fear free life. That nothing can separate me of the peace of the Lord abiding in me. That PEACE we all are trying to find.

Reading this book regularly also showed me many areas where the Lord was dealing and working on me. I can say that my mind was completely renewed by this chapters and I feel I am a new creation 🙂

I am blessed!

When I started to read the book FAL, I have to admit, I was little afraid about all the trials Michele had to go through, yet, she was able to share that in the midst of it she still lives the Abundant life the Lord desires to give it to all of us.

I sensed that this is also something, my Beloved wanted me to experience. And this was the thing which made me scared, because to experienced the Abundant Life I knew i will go through difficulties :)) But i still told Him Yes Lord, whatever it takes, bring me there because i was inspired by Michele.

Now i can honestly say that this book really transformed my life the most. It did not give me instructions how to have problem free life, but it gave me instructions as how to go through life and through everything what will be thrown at me VICTORIOUSLY.



Ana in Brasil

I do highly recommend this book!!! My faith have been improved, and my whole life have been improved by the principles that are taught by Michele in Finding the Abundant Life.

I am not as young as I used to be, and sometimes it is a blessing, but sometimes it is not.

what i did learned a lot in this book is that we do need to TRUST more HIS TIMING, HIS METHODS, He always have a good, very good plan for our lifes. But i do get entangled in our own plan, our own interpretation of His word.

He does have a great life for us all, for all His BRIDES, and HE does have a lot of BRIDES. Sometimes HE IS going to deliver us from the evil, but othertimes we are going to face the evil, and to learn to be loving towards the ones that are making harm to us.

As soon as we learn to listen to HIM, and to quiet down in HIS arms enjoying HIS companioship it will be the speed to find peace to our souls and genuine joy.

Speaking simplistically , summarizing everything
all we need is the assurance that He is with us, HE LOVES us and take good care of us. That´s what HE DOES, that HIS nature, HE IS OUR HUSBAND.

As soon as we discovered that we are just fine at the exact situation that we are in the position we are because HE is the one that is orchestrating all things for our good, because we love Him and because HE DOES have a plan for our lifes.
Through this book we are guided to forgive other, expect less from people that surround us, to forgive ourselves, to be glad about our waiting time, to be grateful about every detail of our journey.

Michele helps us understand this great TRUTH with this book. She helps all of us Brides, to find our abudant life that are HIDDEN IN OUR BRIDEGROOM.

At the end the time doesn't matter anymore, we are delighting ourselves with our BELOVED, the scenario doesn't matter, if there are going to be a lion or a bear in our way it doesn't matter anymore, HE IS GOING to be there with us, if we kill the LION or the bear, or if we get killed by it doesn't matter, what matter now is that all of it is for HIS GLORY, and we trust HIM, HE always take great care of HIS BRIDES. If we die we die for HIM, so what should we fear? Either way we are enjoying the BEST, HIS COMPANIONSHIP IS THE BEST!!!

My abudant life I already have it, He have me, and I do belong to HIM, HE is my abudant life!!!


Jossie in North Carolina

Uplifting and helps you get through darkest hours.

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