Facing Divorce

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Facing Divorce


Lina in Washington

This has renewed my mind to reaffirm that God has a perfect plan for me and my marriage/family. I need only to trust and obey Him. Not fighting against evil has freed me from regret and a tremendous amount of devastation that divorce normally causes. Even though this wasn't my choice, I have a choice to wholly trust in The Lord regardless of the outcome. In doing this He will continue to bless me and give me a testimony to show His amazing power and how He truly works in the lives of those who love Him. I know without a doubt that because I chose not to fight that my husband will regret his decisions. God is doing a work in all of us. I chose to stand in faith with my Lord because He continually rescues me from the hand of my enemies. When He feels the time is right, He will completely restore my marriage and family. The meantime my focus is on letting Him complete His transformation in me. I don't need to fret about the future because He has a great one planned for me.


Anita in Illinois 

It taught me to trust in the lord in all things no matter how hard they may be he is the one to bring us peace and to focus only on our relationship with the lord.


Liz in Michigan 

I wish that I had read this book and the others from the ministry earlier. Things may have been different if I knew these principles earlier. My bitterness and anger led me to file for divorce. I do regret many things. But thankful God is forgiving. But I am right where God wants me to be!


Lynette in New Jersey 

Trusting God and embracing the situation, knowing that God has my best interest and will work it out for my good. I know that there is no reason to be afraid and that God has promised to give me peace in every situation. God has a ultimate plan for my life, he knew that this day would come and no matter what happens he is in control. Reading the book is like a breath of fresh air it feels wonderful.

I confess that I was so afraid to face or even discuss this topic. I never wanted to face this at all. I felt that God would be dissappointed with me that I failed God. God does not want me to walk in a spirit of fear. So I am now trusting god not leaning on my own understanding.


Genevieve in Kentucky

I've learned to not pursue him and I should've signed the papers but I didn't. I didn't have this info before, but it's making more sense the more I read! I appreciate this and the testimonies so much. I found out through your website that I had to let go and let God and that's what I'm doing now, I'm learning to trust in Him.


Tania in New York

I came across this book facing divorce and realized that God has a better plan for me. That if divorce is something I have to face then it will be the Lord’s will. God’s timing will be perfect with what he has in store for me. 

I didn't know I could be enthusiastic about facing divorce. Separation is a painful process and facing divorce could be just as painful, but who would have thought! We can become stronger and wiser and depend solely on our Lord, for he has everything under control.


Wanda in Florida

I have learned not to feel divorce. I used to feel anxiety just to mention the word "divorce" but now I have learned that God allowed this to happen. I confess of not truly letting go and not putting the Lord first in my life!


Anna in California

I learned that I don't need to wait to be happy until after my restoration. I don't need to stop the divorce from happening rather bask in Gods glory and pray for His will to be done!

“I know what I'm doing. I have it all planned out—plans to take care of you, not abandon you, plans to give you the future you hoped for”—Jeremiah 29:11 the Message Bible.


Sandra in Puerto Rico

WOW this chapter taught me so much during that scary time, that during the court hearing I could see him nervous and I couldn't believe how calm I was. My mind kept telling me "how come you are not nervous?" you should be nervous and scare!", but I wasn't I had God's peace! Unbelievable!! 

I learned and later experienced it that I was exactly where the Lord wanted me to be! As human I have my brief moments were the enemy knocks me down, but God is so faithful that I get immediately picked back up by Him! Aleluya!


Jackie in Georgia

I had in the past, through desperation, taken the approach that since I don't believe in divorce, that I will not do anything to promote it. However, since reading the testimonies, if my husband insists, I will go along with his desires and wait for GOD to make the necessary changes in HIS own time!! 

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