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My Beloved



Brenda in Massachusetts

I woke up one morning feeling discouraged, disappointed and full of worry and anxiety, I cried out to the Lord with no where else to turn. I turned to your book God can and will Restore your Marriage and from there was directed to your Daily Devotional, My Beloved. How wonderful to read the daily devotions that helped me focus my eyes on Him, to lay down my worries, fear, and anxiety at His feet. I was able to let go and trust Him in my deepest hour. I have a deep desire to know Him and draw closer to Him. I thank God for Erin, thank you for letting god guide you and use you to help others in their time of crisis. Hallelujah, Hallelujah.


Daia in Brazil

I really thank my GOD and LORD for the devotional messages written by Erin! Along my journey, which lasts 2 years and 3 months now, reading the messages daily helped me SO VERY MUCH to focus on HIM, to consider HIS size not my problem size, to keep walking looking ahead never looking back! I still wait for the word that will come from HIM saying: "now is your turn to receive your bless", but no matter when it will arrive, what is MOST important to me now is my relationship with HIM because, according to Psalm 37:5, EVERYTHING ELSE will be granted to me, at the RIGHT time, in the RIGHT way! There is a way. Yes, there is a way!!! HE knows it and will lead me to it. With intimacy with Him, I'll be able to hear his voice and receive my bless. Thanks, Lord, for this ministry that has helped women all over the World to get closer to You through the desert that they've faced in their lives!


from North Carolina

The My Beloved Daily Devotional is a blessing!! To be able to wake up every morning with just the right encouragement for that day and ways to become even closer to Him is priceless!! Each day is something new and exciting, something you can apply to your daily living to make it more for Him!! I can not tell you how many times the devotionals have spoken to me personally and so worth the time to read them over and over!! The great thing is they are fairly short and to the point which is perfect balance to meditate on!!!


Miguel in South Africa

It was by the grace of God I that came to your site. For this I give praise to God who wants us to see well.

These are the best books I've found based on truthful scriptures, simple to understand and well formulated to help everyone as we each suffer from the enemy's attack on our lives.

The books changed my entire being; I learned to go to Him, and I learned to practice unconditional love. Now I know the factors and reasons that are the basis of many problems in my home. And throughout it makes it clear the key is that we always need to put God first.

My life was a person who thought that all was well in my home while my wife suffered emotionally, and I did not understand how blind I was to this. Instead of leading my family, I was giving space for evil to reign— allowing my wife to feel humiliated in front of many people, but it all happened unconsciously or complete ignorance on my part.

I had never known what an injured woman will do to find what she needs. The day wife told me that there was another man, I was devastated. And then I sought the face of the Lord and in searching I came to this site that has shown me how to follow the Lord God going the long but sure way to find peace!!

Thank You my God for the grace and mercy You have given me, and forgiving me of my sins. Praise be given to Your name by allowing ministries like this one that uses technology so desperate people like me can be redeemed— their sheep—and save marriages that the devil has destroyed. Many thanks to this team that serves the Lord with as much zeal and dedication that can produce what was offered to me.

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