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Sarah in Wales

Get ready. The turning point of my restoration was when the Lord opened my eyes to so much, like understanding  there was no-one better than Him! I want to thank Erin and this ministry for reuniting me and introducing me to the truth. And let me say, for any woman who is interested in restoring her marriage, I would highly recommend all the resource but often overlooked but very importantly this book Workers@Home—especially the daily lessons the say will soon be offered. This book helped me, and will help you restore your relationship with your husband. And no matter how bad things look, there is nothing impossible with God.  Now I want to use what I’ve learned to help other women on this same or a similar journey and help them get their homes ready for restoration. 


Faira in Canada

After reading some of Erin's strategies in "Workers@Home" for organizing one's stuff, I decided to set aside some time to go through closets, storage areas and other "black-holes" that exist in my house. I felt I should start in the bedroom closet which contains a lot of my sewing paraphernalia as well as way too many clothes.

After taking everything off the shelf and wiping it down, I thought it would be good to go through a couple of bags that I knew were organized, but hadn't been opened in years (and years, and years). When I saw some of the pattern books, I thought how neat it would be to make some things for my children for their upcoming birthdays and so I began to page through them.

A small piece of paper fell out. It was a love note written by my husband! I have no idea when or how it got there...

He pours out his heart telling me how much he appreciates all the little things I do, even when he forgets to mention them! He says how much he misses all the time we used to spend together and how he can't imagine life without humbling now, how devastating to see once again so clearly what my pride and arrogance destroyed!

Praise God!...He knew I needed that, not just to humble me (I had recently asked Him to search my heart and tear down every stronghold), but to boost my faith (even if I had remembered that the note existed I could easily have gone my whole life without ever finding it there!) and to remind me that as surely as He brought me to repentance He will bring healing and hope to my husband's precious heart!

God is so tender and merciful; this was such a gentle blow, and yet so adept and precise for working His purposes in my heart. He is truly an amazing God!


Beverly U in Iowa

The best thing about this Workers at Home book is that it is DIFFERENT than all the other books in this category. Whether cleaning and organizing is your thing OR NOT this book looks at the process from another perspective and reading it will bless you! The concept here is FREEING. You can be relieved of your stress and fretting to keep things clean and nice, if you allow your mind to ponder the truths found in this book. An excellent book, with unique insights.


Amalia in Poland

I see how important it is for me as a mother, woman, wife to rise up earlier before the rest of the house and spend time with the Lord in quietness. This is the most important thing.

I can imagine how wonderful it can be, that everything is quiet and it is only me and the Lord together without interruption. I really dream about it day and night, but I am weak. But when I am weak, He is my strength.

What i also love is, that Erin is encouraging us not to have so many outside activities, or not to force our kids to do some sports.

When I was going over the one chapter I was in awe. I wanted to cry. The explanation what love is all about really melted my heart. I realized how much I still don’t know about love and how to love my baby. My words are not enough.

I am so happy and so blessed with this chapter. I was trying to practice everything what Erin talked about. And I believe there is such a difference in my approach towards my son.

I am still in awe of this chapter and I would love to encourage you to read it and reread it often. The Author of Love has so much to say how should we love and be kind and gentle with our kids. I have this desire in me to be that woman and mother for my baby. What about you? Let’s connect together and with His help we can make a better and more loving world around us.


Rita in Louisiana

I want to give my Beloved all the glory and all the honor for what He is doing in my life and for the abundant life that He is giving me! Since I read the Workers @ Home Book the first time years ago, it stirred a longing in me to get my home organized and be able to leave the workforce to homeschool my then-only two children (I had two restoration babies after my marriage was restored!). Then I would be able to work in ministry full-time also. I've been through many trials on my RJ with my Beloved and those desires of my heart have never gone away - they've only gotten stronger. Recently, I've started reading the W@H book again and I am receiving so many renewed revelations on organizing, de-cluttering, menu preparations, creating a daily routine, the chore system, etc. Since I am currently not working right now and in the process of moving to another state with my two youngest daughters to join my EH, I've been implementing what I've read and enjoying it tremendously! I am so grateful that my Love had Erin to share how to live a life of order and servitude. Each chapter is full of wisdom, taken from God's Word and such a blessing to someone like me who isn't the least bit naturally organized! I remember feeling so overwhelmed when I was working and trying to plan meals, keep my apartment clean, help my daughters with endless homework that I didn't really understand - there never seemed enough hours in the day. But now, I start each day off seeking what my Beloved would have me do and asking Him to help me with our schedules (until we move because I'm sure it will change), and He has been more than faithful!

Brides, our roles of wife and mother can be overwhelming on a daily basis, but just like everything else, our Heavenly Husband gives us everything that we need. If you don't have a copy of the Workers@Home book, I'm encouraging you to buy it and read it as much as you need to (I keep re-reading mine!). Seek our HH and ask Him to help you implement the information in it. There's even recipes in there that your family will love - mine do! We can't do anything without Him and our wonderful Husband always gives us more than what we need!

“I am the vine, you are the branches. He who abides in Me, and I in him, bears much fruit; for without Me you can do nothing.” (John 15:5 NKJV)  

“The wise woman builds her house, But the foolish pulls it down with her hands.” (Proverbs 14:1 NKJV)

“She watches over the ways of her household, And does not eat the bread of idleness.” (Proverbs 31:27 NKJV)  


Atarah RESTORED in Namibia

Whether you are a working wife and mother, divorced, single and you have a home to clean, tidy and especially declutter, then this book will encourage you to get started and encourage you to seek our dear Lord for wisdom and guidance.

I want to encourage you especially if you are in that place where I was... totally frustrated and feeling so helpless about my messy home which needed to cleaned out housing so much junk and hoarding things which I knew could bless others.

No matter what the frustration is in your home I'm sure you will find the encouragement you need as you turn the pages of this book.

So what I have learned is that, and it’s really so wonderful and exciting for me because I never would have thought to bring such mundane tasks like de cluttering and shopping for things that me & my family need and frustrations that I have in the home to the Lord... 🙂 smiley face because this is a HUGE blessing in my life!!!! This book is going to be a huge blessing in my life and family I know it!

Before I started reading this book I became frustrated with many areas which involved my home and having a family. 

I know that as I SG in each of my struggles that He will make a way for me to overcome and as He makes the changes and women come into my home I can testify to His greatness and goodness in giving me wisdom and helping me to make my house a beautiful home.

I trust Him as my HH to get my home in order. I know that he is going to lead me and guide me.


Karen in North Carolina

I enjoyed watching the video. It has encouraged me to get more organized. Thank you!


Tame in Michigan

This is a very informative resource since many people do not have much organizational skills. It may be because they were not taught or lazy or did not have any resource or person showing them how to get started and complete their homemaking tasks.

It seems running a household and or managing this type of work is being taken for granted because you do not need a formal education to do something that to me seems basic and second nature. People seem to put lots of effort into other things that matter to them while their home-life and/or household is put out to pasture.

Erin makes this lifestyle seem as important as it really is because if you do not have your home foundation in running order, how can a person expect to have any life outside of their home-life in running order?

Home-care is important and this is why there are professional services available. And why Erin has resources available on how to run a house and smoothly as possible without a lot of chaos!


Pamela in Idaho

Reading this will inspire you to make your home and you the best it can be for Him, for your family and for yourself! He wants to help you with this. It's wonderful how the book explains and simplifies.


Laura in Brazil

All of us need advice, wisdom and help on how to deal with our homes. This book is a nice way of getting all of it. I am hoping to improve my performance as woman, and to have some positive changes in my way of thinking and acting because this book is an action book, is loving GOD with action, action in our way of thinking and living.

He starts showing us our chaos, so we are going to ask Him to put order to our mess. This book is a proof that He does work in our lives, and our home, taking out of our hearts the confusion and disorder, and then from our homes. I hope you are brave enough to come with me in this journey. I do need a lot of Him and of guidance on how to do it, and this book provides it for us. Let's start our journey focusing on building an organized home, peaceful, where the Lord's love shines.





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