By the Word of Their Testimony (Book 9): Rest in the Lord and Wait Patiently for Him

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This is another chicken soup of restored marriage testimonies— a collection of heartfelt encouragement from people like you who found themselves in an impossible situation that only God could fix.

In this edition, you’ll read the outstanding testimony“I Became Neurotic” Cortney said, “The first most difficult time was when I confessed my sins (including a kiss that a guy gave me at the beginning of our engagement) and ends with “as Erin said, even the cases that everyone judges as hopeless are the very ones that He uses to show His power and glory.” In another chapter “He Was Disgusted With Me” Ruby said, “I blurted out and tried to hurt him by telling my husband about my adultery, not in order to humbly confess...Once I shouted this ‘confession,’ my husband stood up from the couch, packed his bags and left the house.” And still she says at the end of her testimony “To the woman who is reading my testimony, I pray to God that the next testimony is yours and that reading mine right now will help you reach for the life I am living!!! DON'T GIVE UP, EVER, FOR NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE FOR GOD!!!” 

In “Everything Changed Once I Had My Own Lover!” Génesis said, “It happened while taking the first Abundant Life course...when I could feel and understand His love. God revealed this to me, when I finally understood how wrong I was and concluded by saying “Today, after being restored for a few months...I did everything wrong... I suffered a lot, until I realized that all things work together for good to those who love God. Over the course of my journey, I lost a lot of weight, and I did absurd things (at first), but God took care of me, sent people who know His power, and gave me this wonderful ministry—which has helped me so much to know Him as the Lover of my soul. Be sure to read all 38 testimonies to be encouraged!

What makes these By the Word of Their Testimony books so beneficial is that each of these women (and men) give the reader encouragement, secrets to what led to their restored marriages.

“And they overcame him because of the blood of the Lamb and because of the word of THEIR testimony, and they did not love their life even when faced with death.”​ —Revelation 12:11​

The 38 testimonies in this POWERFUL book are filled with miracles of women who took God at His Word and believed that “nothing is impossible with God!” Those who have had the miracle of a restored marriage have several things in common. All “delighted themselves in the Lord” and He gave them “the desires of their heart.” All of them “hoped against hope” when their situation seemed hopeless.​

All of them “fought the good fight” and “finished their course.” All refused to fight in “the flesh” but chose to battle “in the spirit.” All of their trust was “in the Lord” because their trust “was the Lord.” All loved their spouse (who may have been unfaithful) because they knew that “love never fails.”​

Restore Ministries was founded and exists to help all those who have been told that their situations are HOPELESS. Here is the PROOF that God is able to restore any marriage—yes, even YOURS!​

Read each of the 38 testimonies to build your faith in God's ability and desire to restore YOUR marriage!

★★★★★ Reviews

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By the Word of Their Testimony (Book 9): Rest in the Lord and Wait Patiently for Him
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