Rita RESTORED in Louisiana

This book is such a good tool and so important to your faith when you are in a marital crisis and believing God for a miracle to save it. The trials that each marriage goes through when in crisis can be many different situations, but to read how God restored a broken marriage when I was so desperate for hope and receiving all the wrong advice from family members and friends. When I found out God's will for me as a woman and His will for my marriage, it was indeed an eye-opener and very encouraging.. This book, along with the courses offered are a must when looking for help and hope in a very troubled marriage. It made all the difference for me when my marriage was in crisis and it will for others who read it too!


Teena in Texas

This book has truly helped me when I was questioning myself on this journey. Reading about other women who are going through the same thing encouraged me to see that He can and will help me through. It seems like every time that I was going through a "crisis" I would read about a woman who was going through a similar situation and I was left with tools to help me get through! Letting go was and at times still a area in my life that I still struggle with, reading about other women who also struggle in this area is like having a "shoulder to lean on". This book along with the other resources offered are truly helpful when you are on this journey.


Anna in California

I really enjoyed this book and read it when I'm struggling with my situation. I begin to read the restored marriage testimonies which help encourage me to stay on the narrow road. The great thing about this book is it also has praise reports from the people who have restored marriage testimonies! This helps to remind me that the Lord is working on many areas of my life, not simply my marriage. I highly recommend this book.


Melissa in Wyoming

This is a powerful book with an encouraging message reminding us all we worship an amazing, loving God who is able to do the impossible!!!


Joy RESTORED in Nevada

I remember reading the first WOTT book so many times and finding the encouragement and hope I needed. I would wonder if I would ever write and read my own testimony. Dear readers, He is faithful!! Even though I have experienced a restored marriage, I'm just as encouraged from this book as when I read the first WOTT years ago, if not more. It's truly humbling to be reading this book from the other side, knowing and experiencing for myself His faithfulness and love for all of us. Its all the Lord. All the glory and praise are His.

I'm so thankful for the testimonies in this second book that allows us to see into their lives, the pain and devastation they went through and witness the saving Grace of God's love that brought each and every one of us the victory He has promised us. It is so much more than just stroies. So much more than just marriage restorations, but new beginnings, new chances, new life... as I read, it's like watching every person be reborn again, come out as someone NEW as they share the journey our Lord walked with them through. Like a caterpillar finally shedding its cocoon (our old selves, the lies of the world, etc.), spreading their wings and taking flight as His truths sown in their hearts and lives set them free! All because of Him!! Truly, no weapon formed against us shall prosper!

The clear and organized way the book is formatted makes it easier to follow with each story. There are also testimonies from men that gives us helpful insights on what they are going through. It's so refreshing to read from their perspective and know that no heart is too hard for the Lord, no situation too difficult for Him. He is working in all of us to bring us home to Him.

Reading the testimonies will help you to see everything that our precious Lord did and you will begin to notice common threads in each testimony that brought about their victory. Its not only there to encourage us but also so we can learn from them and apply in our lives 🙂 because what the Lord did for all of us, He will do for you too! Believe and recieve! You will one day share and read your own testimony. I hope and pray that this book blesses you as much as it has been a blessing in my life. Be encouraged, our God is faithful!!


Matilda in California
These testimonies prove that the Lord's Word is true and does not return void. At times, out faith comes in and out, and reading these wonderful testimonies provides so much hope.

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