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Be Encouraged CLASSIC: Video Series


Michelle, RESTORED in Alabama since 2002

This video series takes over where Erin’s RYM book leaves off!

In the evenings, when the kids were asleep, I would crawl into bed and turn on these videos. It was like calling up an old friend, you know, the one who always knows how to make you feel better.

She knew the same hurt, she made the same mistakes (ok, mine were worse), she entertained the same doubts and fears, and she had TESTIMONY!

Through these videos, Erin revealed her journey of restoration in a tender and personal way. Each story spoke to me right where I was! She didn’t just leave me in the ditch – she reached down in love and spoke encouraging hope into my life - God’s Words.

The Biblical principles of Erin’s books came to life for me as she talked about how her relationships began to change - her relationship with her friends, her children, her husband and her Lord. I listened to these videos over and over, night after night. Erin made me laugh and she made me cry. She even prayed for me when I was too tired to pray for myself. Many times, I wanted to interrupt her and say something or ask her a question – sometimes I just wanted to scream, “This is too hard!” but God is so wise; He did not send me a live person for me to yell at or to manipulate. He sent me these videos so I would simply have to be still and listen! 

After a while, I quit hearing Erin’s voice in my head. I started to hear God’s voice and His plan for my life as expressed in His Word. Then I found myself speaking His words of encouragement to others – and that is when my life began to change. You see, without these videos, I would never have met my two best friends – Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. I prayed for just one woman’s testimony of Marriage Restoration – He sent me so much more!


Lina in Washington

This is powerful!! Two main things that I've learned (and practice now) from this video is firstly about looking to God for my needs. This really spoke to me because in my marriage I looked to my husband for the things that I should have been asking God for. By doing this it caused me to feel a lot of hurt and rejection. Not only that but it caused my husband to feel the weight of always trying to me my everything-when he failed at that, I not only left him know but it caused him to feel defeated. Moe importantly I saw how this pressure caused me to put unrealistic expectations on our marriage and my husband. Now because I have a strong relationship and love for The Lord, I chose to take it all to Him because He will supply ALL my needs out of His glorious riches. My husband wasn't given to me to take the place of my relationship with God. Violating that principle brought a lot of hurt between my husband and I. However now I know the truth, Gods truth and He is the one I turn to. The 2nd point that I loved about this video is the portion about forgiveness. I too, felt that adultery was the one thing that I could not and would not forgive. Only God, only God gave me the grace to forgive my husband and to give me that desire to stand for my marriage despite of it. I understand how toxic unforgiveness can be to all areas of my life and marriage. I do not want to have a hardened heart. I am blessed that God showed me how to love unconditionally because I know that it was only by His unconditional love for me that I was able to do this. 

Also the video addresses the battles that will take place once my husband is home. The enemy will not give up easily. I have to stay spiritually strong in The Lord and He will continue to break down any barriers in our marriage. Concentrating on my husband is important however I still need to look to The Lord for all of my needs and not my husband. God will continue the might work that He has started in the both of us. Also understanding the seasons of restoration shows me that when my husband comes that, even if things aren't all the worked out that I can (will) shout for joy! I will still give God HIs praises because He brought my husband home. I will not fail to give Him the honor that He is due. I still need to continue my intimacy with The Lord especially after restoration. God will cut the cords of sin from my husbands life and will continue to refine us in His likeness. I just have to stay vigilant of the enemies schemes. This video teaches and encourages me of those truths.


Shelli in Iowa

It is wonderful to listen to Erin tell her story. It is real and full of hope and heartbreak, like all of our stories. I loved when she said did her husband really mean he didn't love her? NO! I also liked that she got out of the way when he came over. Good advice. She is easy to listen to and I didn't want it to stop!

Erin is easy to listen to and gives great advice. I forgot to mention on the first one that her saying that God took our spouses out of our life for a season so he can concentrate on us. I had already known that but it is such a good reminder. Until you realize that, this journey will not go well. I also liked her descriptions of the seasons. Very easy to understand. I am excited for the next set next week since I purchased the Course and am learning so much! 


Valerie in New York

Update: Valerie RESTORED in New York

I watched/listened to those videos while falling asleep during the last few days and it gave em so much peace.
I felt so ENCOURAGED and even joyful. 🙂


Treasuring Gods Word in my heart, has been the training ground needed fir my life and marriage. It has encouragement me to Walk and work with God in all areas of my life. Being obedient takes on a different meaning for me because now I know and love Him on such a more intimate level that I DESIRE TO DO what pleases Him! Not only do I have a Godly fear of God but I want to do what's pleasing in His sight because He is worthy. His has always been faithful to me even when I wasn't honoring Him. Now that I know Him on such a deep level, I long to please Him. I know that regardless of my circumstances HE will never leave me nor forsake me. I solemnly depend on Him for everything in my life.


This video confirmed what I initially felt....that it was a spiritual battle! At the beginning of my journey I was so hurt and confused about why my husband was acting so cold towards me. I KNEW he WASNT the person that he was presenting to me. So when God lead me to your ministry and these video's it lifted such a load off of my heart. Then hearing in the video that God had indeed turned his heart, He free me free with this truth. Even though I was still hurting, I had a better understanding of what was truly taking place. I love these video's! Also I realized by these video's that at the time when I didn't let my husband go it forced my husband to be even more bitter and cold towards me. Once I allowed this truth to sink in and started letting him go, I started to seek The Lord with my heart like never before. This course has changed the direction of my life! I now have the perfect peace and love for God that He desired me to have. Now I truly understand that God needed to be first in my life. I would not have it any other way! I am thankful that the RMI materials have shown me how to make Gods Word practical in my life. It has shown me how to walk HIS principles as well. Gaining the knowledge that I HAD TO let my husband go so that The Lord can have His time with me, was necessary to transform me. This understanding and wisdom is priceless. It further proves that God had/has a divine plan and purpose for why He allowed these things to take place-it shows me that I can always trust in The Lords plan for me, even when I don't see the whole picture. God is good all the time and all the time God is good!


Michelle in Canada

I recommend every woman seeking marriage restoration view these videos. Erin answered many questions that I am sure women go through during the difficult time. She explains things in a way that gives you peace about your situation. A must see!!


Lina in Washington

This was a great start to the video series. It's addressed the most important basics to get a hold of prior to moving on in the resources. The first and most important relationship to pursue is the one with The Lord. The best thing that has taken. Place from all the trials that have taken place in my life was to now have an intimate relationship with The Lord. I've never had before. If The Lord did nothing else for me, I am forever blessed that He reconciled me back to Him. Now armed with the knowledge of Gods Truths I know why letting go is so important. Since it was Gods Will to turn my husbands heart, I have to let go of what The Lord says to let go of. Regardless if I understand it or not, His ways are higher than my ways and His thoughts are higher than my thoughts. I have to trust in Him throughout my entire journey. Delighting in The Lord and His Word has been a huge blessing in so many ways. I thank The Lord and for Him leading me to RMI.


Michelle, RESTORED in Wisconsin

I received all your materials on our anniversary and it turned out that my husband came over that day. He was dropped off and asked me if I wanted to get something to eat. I had read Chapter 1 of How God Can and Will Restore Your Marriage and it helped me through the dinner.

The resource How God Can and Will Restore Your Marriage helped me so much to learn to control my mouth.


Melissa in Arizona 

With Erin's help I am now able to find the scriptures I need to help me on my journey. I am truly encouraged! It helps me to not feel not so alone.

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