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Be Encouraged: Video Series


Brigette, RESTORED in Alabama

The Be Encouraged! videos did exactly what they said — they encouraged me. I believed what they said about my husband still loving me but that it was buried deep inside and would one day blossom. Those tapes kept me going. I would recommend the RYM book, and the Be Encouraged! videotape series.


Katie, RESTORED in Florida

I ordered Erin's recommended package from the start. The Be Encouraged! videos were my daily lifeline. When the enemy would attack through discouragement or disappointment, I would watch Erin’s videos and understanding would come to me. The videos kept me from returning to my old patterns of anger, disrespect and fear.

I also purchased the book Facing Divorce, Workers at Home, the home schooling tapes, the CD testimony, theWomen's Workbook and several tracts to hand out. Those resources were there to teach, support, encourage and remind me to continue to believe for our marriage.

Above all, I feel that the Be Encouraged! videos were the most effective, as well as the Question and Answer videos. I used the book (and still do) as a reference every day.

I am amazed at the faithfulness of God and give Him ALL the praise and glory for restoring our marriage and home. From the moment I felt His quiet voice speak to my heart about restoration, He made the way clear by providing RMI and its support. After eight months of separation, my husband returned home.

Erin is easy to listen to and gives great advice. I forgot to mention on the first one that her saying that God took our spouses out of our life for a season so he can concentrate on us. I had already known that but it is such a good reminder. Until you realize that, this journey will not go well. I also liked her descriptions of the seasons. Very easy to understand. I am excited for the next set next week since I purchased the Course and am learning so much! 


Michelle, RESTORED in Wisconsin

“Be Encouraged! tapes — SENT STRAIGHT FROM GOD AND JUST WHAT I NEEDED!!! I did wait to listen until doing the entire workbook, too. I think God blessed me for my obedience.”


Lenette, RESTORED in Illinois

“Please get the Be Encouraged! — Erin's voice will put you to sleep on those lonely nights when your soul can't find any peace. She soothes the soul with all the hope she offers through her testimonies. She shares the times she was out of God's will and how she got back on track.

My favorite resources are the women's workbook and the Be Encouraged! series. I have had them for almost two years and I still return to them from time to time. I have shared them with so many people who have had their marriages RESTORED, too!

The thing that I like best about the materials is that they are straight from the Word of God and you cannot go wrong following His Word. I know that this ministry is straight from God.”


Chris in Ohio

Wow! I found these first two videos, part of the "Be Encouraged" series to be enlightening. Even though I'm the believing husband to a wayward wife, I still found this extremely relevant because God is not a respecter of persons and He is not one to change.

The Biblical principles apply equally to both believing husbands and wives, unless otherwise specifically noted in scripture. I appreciate both the insight and the courage to provide personal testimony. With the numerous testimonies I've read from both the Testimonies books and others, they all follow the same pattern for restoration, although actual events vary. It's very similar to the redemption of the Israelites, repeatedly, as they turned away from God, God brings judgment/correction, they repent, God is merciful, forgives, then blesses them.

God really is the same yesterday, today and forever. I'm very grateful that He is that way, and He is NOT one to lie! How reassuring is that? What an awesome God we have and worship!!!!


RESTORED in Louisiana

These tapes have so changed me that I have purchased several sets for people I've met who could not afford them.


Bridgette,* RESTORED in Louisiana

These videos did exactly what they said—they encouraged me! I believed that my husband still loved me but that it was buried deep inside and would one day blossom. Those tapes kept me going. They taught me how to love my husband and give to him unconditionally with love.


Lina, RESTORED in Ghana

My favorite resources are the Women's Workbook and the videos. I have had them for almost two years and I still return to them from time to time. I have shared them with so many people who have had their marriages restored, too!


Darla, RESTORED in Michigan

I believe it was reading your books and listening to these tapes over and over again that encouraged me to hold on and believe that no matter how terrible my situation was, God would restore our marriage.


Laura, RESTORED in Georgia

The resources that I used to restore my marriage were How God Can and Will Restore Your Marriage, A Wise Woman, Facing Divorce, and all of these videos!! Each one of these resources spoke to me in a very personal way and confirmed for me what I already knew in my heart. They helped me so much when I was up against those who said I needed to move on with my life, find someone new, and get over it! They helped me learn that I did not need to "get over it," but I needed to get THROUGH it with God leading me—and how worthwhile it is!


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