Rondon* in United States

The book is easy to read and very encouraging to women like me who feels hopeless....


Michele, RESTORED in Colorado

I am writing because I was shocked how another woman criticized the testimonies on your books, saying they were sounding like they were fake, like commercials for your books.

Since the Bible says to let another praise you, and not your own lips, can I just tell you that your materials are amazing and worthy to be praised BECAUSE they are God's Word, uncompromised in any way!

God will show anyone the same things straight from His Word — you haven't spoken anything He would not tell anyone who is seeking Him with her whole heart — but it is very rare to find a teacher, a mentor, a Titus older woman, or one who disciples others strictly in the Truth without throwing in a little of the world.

Even within our very large Bible-based church, I could not find ONE who agreed with me about what I knew was God's truth and His promises for our marriage. That is why your materials fill such a void, and that is why we can stand behind them and trust them 100% — because in reality we are hearing God's Word alone. If a testimony sounds like a commercial, then it is only because it is really a commercial for God. 🙂

Not that you needed to hear that — you know it better than I! — but I just had to praise God for filling such a void in the church through your ministry!


Mary in Ohio

Praise the Lord! God is softening my husband's heart. On the way home from seeing the OW, my husband called me and asked to talk with me the following day. Previously, he told me that he has decided that he wants a D and wants to be with the OW. He has not brought up the D since New Years. I thought since he was coming back from her, that that is what he wanted to discuss. I cried out to the Lord, I fasted all day the day of the conversation. I prayed and read the bible all day. I read and re-read restoration reports from the website and the Word of Their Testimony book

God is so good. When we finally sat down to talk, my husband said that he did not have an agenda. That he realized that we had not "talked" in a while, and wanted to know how I was doing: if he could help more with the kids, if I felt I was carrying an unfair burdeon having to take care of the kids the majority of the time and if I was happy!

My husband tends to ask open ended questions, so it is difficult to not respond, but God was able to tame my tongue. I used short sentences, I was able to thank my husband for all he has and is doing for us, and let him know that I appreciate his handling of the situation.

He said he was feeling guilty after going to church with the OW (I knew they attended church together and God led me to pray that the pastor would give a message to reach them). He also said he was feeling a lot of guilt over an incident with our daughter last week. God is turning his heart from stone to flesh!!

The D never came up. Praise God. God will save my husband, me, our family, and the OW. He is working.


Rhonda in California

We just received Tax Amnesty because I read this book!!!

First I would like to say all "Praises to GOD for HIS goodness, because it is HIS and his alone. In reading "By The Word of Their Testimonies!"

I read about not filing taxes without your spouse. To make a long story short, I filed but I owed, so I got half the monies in a money order in order to pay. But when I read this in the WOTT book, I held on to the money for 6 months. I received notices for me to pay all or some. I still held on to the money order for at least 4 months and prayed.

Last week I received a notice for Amnesty for 3 years prior on our taxes! I don't know what GOD is doing, but all of my TRUST is in Him. I have read the book, the workbook, and the book of testimonies. I'm just waiting for GOD to do what only HE can do, and step out of the way.

Thank you my Sis, Erin, it is so wonderful what you have shared as a Sister in Christ. So much I want to say, if GOD says so, my next praise report will be a "restored marriage." Be encouraged my Brothers and Sisters -Let GOD do what He does best - Be encouraged!



Josie in North Carolina

When I read the testimonies of restored marriages, tears just streamed down my face! Everyone kept telling me it was hopeless, but I just couldn’t let myself believe it. Now, after reading so many testimonies I KNOW that God will restore my marriage too!


Jackie in Texas

Others doubted that God wanted to restore my marriage, but once they read enough of the testimonies contained in this book they got on my side! 


Kay in Australia

I thank the Lord for Erin and all the RMI resources. In time of intense pain and struggling to have energy to pray I began to reread the testimonies--these testimonies of how the Lord brought others through the pain and the trials to victory has given me the strength to continue walking forward. Thank you Lord and thank you Erin.


Michele in Alabama 

When I read the testimony ‘Restoration in Alabama’ I said that I would be the next one in Alabama with a restored marriage and it HAPPENED!


Yvonne in Florida
Well every time I would get down, I'd find myself reading that book! It is an amazing book to remind others of all walks that it does not matter the circumstance, stick with God & he will restore! My marriage is not restored in sight but I know it is being restored as we speak! God is working so hard on my behalf & I simply can't thank Him enough! When times get tough to handle, call on God & pick up this book.. It really has helped me a ton to keep on keeping on! 


Jeanne in Kansas
Very inspiring and hopeful testimonies about restoration. As I practiced by doing the things my kids asked without determining whether I wanted to though, I started to wonder if just agreeing and obeying an abusive husband would work for purposes of restoration, although I had to admit that God can change men's hearts.
The testimonies from the second book are very powerful and encouraging. I have been under extreme attack since I found this website.

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