Enlightened* in Virginia

My marriage separated in Dec 2010. I thought I was dying. a friend gave this book to me in Jan 2011 and I put it to the side and completely forgot about it for 6 wks . I started reading it about 2wks ago and put it aside again for another week because I had trouble accepting my role in this adulterous breakup of my marriage. I did eventually go back to the book and completely read it 3times.

I love all the scripture that not only motivates, cleansed me and given me knowledge. But has given great spiritual growth. In the last week I have stop fighting my husband on all fronts. No lawyer, No child or spousal support and No yelling or accusations. I have learned to be quite. He is testing me all the time and doesn't believe I actually dropped all the cases against him. But already I am sensing a softer person in him as he has in me. It is just a matter of time that we will be recommitted to each other.

I am using this time to grow in the word and continue to build my solid foundation. I must confess I at first didn't think this would work but I now know with the fast changes that I have seen. It is all possible with God. Submit to God's will and let him take the lead.



Yvonne in Illinois

This book is a true blessing. Without this book, i would have never got close to God. I would recommend this book to ANYONE, who needs to restore their marriage or make it stronger. I LOVE THIS BOOK! 


Rondon* in United States

Excellent book. It made me realize that "nothing is impossible with God"


Jane, RESTORED in Kentucky

I had the How God Can and Will Restore Your Marriage tapes, the Be Encouraged videos, and the book Facing Divorce. Erin backed up what she had to say with Scripture and her experiences — and nothing speaks like experience! I would especially recommend How God Can and Will Restore Your Marriage by Erin...I liked the tapes because I have a long commute to work and so I was able to listen to them over and over. 


Hilary, RESTORED in South Africa

The How God Can and Will Restore Your Marriage book was a revelation, something I needed to read and hear and feel. It opened my eyes and heart in a way that I can never explain. It felt like God was talking directly to me in a unique and special way. I recommend this book to anyone who is married or who intends to get married...even if your marriage is not in trouble. Through this book, you will learn how to be the wife God wants you to be.


Laura, RESTORED in Georgia

The RYM book is something I will study the rest of my life — I would recommend it to everybody. The fact that everything is based on and backed up by Scripture makes Restore's restoration program completely trustworthy. It has opened the door to many other areas of my life to be changed. Thank God and RMI for everything!


Nicole, RESTORED in Germany

I have the RYM book, the workbook, the Q & A books and Workers@Home. Each and every resource helped me mightily to see where my place is in the Lord and my family. As a European, I was not brought up to be submissive or even nice. Don't ask me how God uses these resources, but every time I applied the principles explained in the book, believing them to be true and that they honored God, I was always rewarded in a big way for my obedience.

I especially recommend the ‘How God Can and Will Restore Your Marriage’ book. It will not only open any woman's heart and eyes who is truly searching, but it will help you to focus on Jesus. That is the whole reason our relationships failed in the first place, because our relationship with Jesus has to be RESTORED first.


Darlene, RESTORED in Pennsylvania

Your resources that helped the most were How God Can and Will Heal Your Marriage and the workbook. My heart became forgiving and I sought and hungered for the Word. I constantly read about God and His promises. (Before that, I HATED to read!) Oh, the Allure tape was also very helpful!


Michelle, RESTORED in Wisconsin

I received all your materials on our anniversary and it turned out that my husband came over that day. He was dropped off and asked me if I wanted to get something to eat. I had read Chapter 1 of How God Can and Will Restore Your Marriage and it helped me through the dinner.

The resource How God Can and Will Restore Your Marriage helped me so much to learn to control my mouth.


​Cathy, RESTORED in New York

Erin's book, How God Can and Will Restore Your Marriage, was the best money I ever spent. I learned that my faith in the Lord was not what I thought it was. I believed all my life, but I never really gave God full control of my life until I read your book. Praise God for leading me to your ministry.​​

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