Darlene, RESTORED in Pennsylvania

“Your resources that helped the most were How God Can and Will Heal Your Marriage and the workbook. My heart became forgiving and I sought and hungered for the Word. I constantly read about God and His promises. (Before that, I HATED to read!) 


Stephanie, RESTORED in Kansas

“I have the Restore Your Marriage book, the Wise Woman workbook, the Q & A books, the Testimony book, the Be Encouraged! videos, two Q & A videos and Erin's testimony. I had very little money, but I prayed that God would provide to buy the resources that would encourage me and He did so faithfully! All of the resources helped me. They gave me encouragement, hope and a sense of peace.

I especially recommend the Wise Woman workbook. It helped me learn how to be a godly wife. So many of the principles can be applied, not only in a marriage relationship, but also in all of our relationships. I recommend it to anyone who is married or whoever wants to be married. Many of the Biblical principles in it were new to me because I had been so diluted by the ways of the world.”


Michelle, RESTORED in Wisconsin

“The Wise Woman workbook — so much help and hope!


Elisa* RESTORED in the United Kingdom

How God Can and Will Restore Your Marriage and the Workbook for Women were the resources that helped me to become obedient (and it was very difficult for me to accept some of the sayings – I rebelled in the beginning!). They have been a continuous support, encouragement and a means of breaking my resistance and disobedience, as they are very clear and demanding. I would recommend both of these resources.



Brigette, RESTORED in Alabama

The workbook, in conjunction with the Bible, taught me that my husband was my God-ordained authority, and taught me how to take my problems privately to God instead of to my husband. They taught me to win my husband "without a word," and that "many words" sometimes cause strife, anger and confusion.


from Colorado

I am an avid reader and have read numerous books on marriage. NONE match up to the Wise Woman Workbook (and other resources produced by RMI)! If you really want things to change and improve for God's glory, then I highly recommend that you get this workbook, your Bible, some paper and a pen . . . then be prepared to get down to business with the Lord! He will bless you mightily as you work through this resource with obedience.


Hilary RESTORED in South Africa

I found this book thoroughly amazing. To be honest with you I found that this workbook was much more helpful than the first book. Obviously that was amazing in it's own way, but I really got to see the mistakes I am making which is a big issue for me and it just has so much more detail. I can honestly say that this book is a must for everyone after the Restore Your Marriage book.


from Maine

I just had to tell you, Erin, that I have just finish reading the Workbook for Women. This workbook has totally changed my life and removed the blinders from my eyes. I know you are surprised because I have been involved in coming to your ministry for many years. I had no idea what a sinner I was. I have been repenting, repenting, repenting. I only ordered it because I wanted to join the Restoration Fellowship. I just ordered a Men's Manual for my son who needs it for restoring his marriage!


Amy in Australia

Thank you for these resources. They helped me see my faults, sin and mistakes and avenues to repent.

God says if the people who are called by my name will humble themselves, seek my face and turn from their wicked way, I will heal them.

Yes, God call it wicked way and I am happy to say I have been convicted of sin and righteousness. Thank God for these resources. They really are a light in this dark world.

May our marriages, our lives and relationships be restored in Jesus name.

God got you and will lead you in His way and that is why you are here.

He is a good good Father and will show you His love, discipline and mercy.



from New York

The “Wise Woman Workbook” is a complete guide for devouring His Word. There are numerous scripture verses for memorizing along with practical advice based on the Word of God. It is another valued resource to read again and again!

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