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Be Encouraged CLASSIC: Video Series


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Latetia in Mississippi 

I enjoyed this video because again it put all that I have been studying into one. After reading your lessons and then hearing it later is a awesome tool. Hearing Erin talk about the testimonies was enlightening and I could relate. I know that I am not alone in this journey. These videos will be something that I will go back and review many times.This weeks lessons has made me stop and really think. I am grateful to God for leading me in this direction. My hope and trust in God has been strengthened.


Patricia in Uruguay 

Very very motivational, and helped me to stand and have more faith. Erin is very clear and outstanding explanations of Gods Word.


Encouraged in TX* 

This video has truly helped me because I was at a point that I felt like giving up. God is so awesome for letting me watch this video. I learned that I have to let go and forgive that I have to go to God to help me to forgive and to let go because I realize that I can not do it on my own. This video truly opened my eyes to see that the road block in my journey was not forgiving and letting go. This video has truly helped me on this journey! Thank You!


Stephanie in USA

I was listening to the last Video part 4 and this is my second time listening and today I was so convicted over my prideful, arrogant spirit. Erin was talking about Pride and how we think that we are better than others, I had no idea that this kind of attitude was still in me unto today. I remember I kept saying God I did everything right before I got married and why is this happening to me. It happen to me because I never really ever gave myself to God I thought if I obeyed and did everything right I was okay but I was not because this caused the condition of my heart to be far from God and centered on myself and how God and righteous I thought I was. Today I was so broken and I just want to cry because I had no idea that nastiness was in me. God blesses me because he loves me not because of anything I have done or think I can do, I am wearing myself out trying to earn what God wants to give me freely. I repented and ask God to continue to show me myself because I want to have a new heart and walk in love and humility the true humility not something I done conjured up for myself. I appreciate Erin allowing God to use her and have this ministry because it is so needed.


Dorothy in Pennsylvania 

The information reinforces going to God for everything. I get tired and weary and the video helps me to remain committed, let go and let the Lord do his will. Thank you, God bless this ministry and everyone involved in bringing it to me. I have been wandering without help or guidance until God intervened and opened this ministry to me.


Bonita in Georgia

Update: Bonita RESTORED in Georgia

I watched all the Videos. I want to write a review of all of them because I just keep going back to them to be encouraged. I have been restored but I go back to them for better understanding and also to be able to minister to another woman. I know that we must keep Gods principals before us everyday, The enemy wants to steal from us all the time and he is very sneaky with his tricks. God is first in my life and I walk by faith not by sight. I am learning to capture my thoughts and do not speak out of the flesh but to speak what his word says.


Rina in Singapore

The video is good as it encourages me not to fall apart during trial and tribulations but to lean into God and overcome it with God's help.. and that there will be blessings during this trial and tribulations. And not to blasaphme or be and speak negatively about circumstances....Fasting is encouraged. Seek God more and do what God has said to do..Be careful of what I say not to be in agreement with the enemy but inagreement with God.


Tame in Michigan

This is a great and inspiring video. Erin opens up and helps me to understand how to understand and apply the word in a matter I did not know how to do. I look forward to all the videos she had made. This is recommended for all age and people because there is so much to learn here.

Well worth every minute to view. Great learning tool and good for all people. 


Diana in Guatemala

I am incredibly motivated as I hear Erin speak her heart. My eyes have been opened in such a way that I want to ( and have) ran to the Lord begging him to change me!


Lubos in Slovakia

It is great to see and hear somebody who "survived" these things. To get some advice. I think this was a great advice for me to let my fiance go, it will be much easier to come back to me after a while. I believe it will happend even if she has new boyfriend and even if we have never been married yet. I believe God sent her into my life!

"Je úžasné vidieť a počuť niekoho kto "prežil" všetky tieto veci. Dostať nejakú radu. Myslím si, že to bola skvelá rada pre mňa aby som nechal svoju snúbenicu ísť, bude pre ňu omnoho ľahšie vrátiť sa späť po čase. Verím, že sa to stane aj napriek tomu, že má nového priateľa a aj napriek tomu, že sme nikdy neboli zosobášení. Verím, že Boh ju zoslal do môjho života!"

This video perfectly fits into course I am taking now (Restore you marriage). This week I had the same experience: I was tempted by the devil. I have two very attractive colleagues and I noticed it was harder, to not look at them as they are "something new for me". It wasn't so hard before. I was also thinking whether is it really God's will to restore my relationship with my fiance or not. Seeing this video I got new great advice of how to avoid this temptation - to not meet or surround myself with single people! And also God showed me twice during last week that it is really his will to restore this relationship. Firstly by watching Viedeo2, secondly even more during this weekend in our ministry (comunity). I attended retreads in my new church (that I started to visit). It was my second one and it is called: "Repair my house". We are repairing churches or any other spiritually important places and also repairing our mind's. The main topic of this one was about restoring of our relationships. The God touched me strongly again. I praise Him a lot. I believe I can do it. I am trying really hard to rebuild my relationship with Him. With Him it will be much easier to restore my relationship with my fiance.

Also, I feel like I am starting to be friend with Erin, even though we never met. I just get another answer to my questions: How can I listen to his will? What should I do? The answer is simply: by reading bible. He will talk with me through this amazing book. I can not believe how much Erin knows from bible. She encouraged me a lot through this video to read and she inspired me what parts to read to be more and more motivated and how to not loose my faith. Thank you Erin! I will read the bible a lot. I am already carrying your book and all good scriptures in my mobile phone and I read them everytime :).