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Be Encouraged: Video Series


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Stephanie, in Australia

My heart is rejoicing because I am so blessed through this ministry. 

I had been having a hard time fully understanding "letting go" (beyond not pursuing or contacting) and wondering why certain things were being said to me. I went through the introduction of the renew course tonight and this was spoken on again and I found myself asking how do I know if I have really let go? 

God being as wonderful and amazing as He is, placed upon my heart to purchase the Be Encouraged videos. I had already watched the classic ones several times and still was unclear. Well the very first video was EXACTLY what I needed to hear and it cleared everything up for me completely!! PRAISE GOD!! 

I am so thankful that God lead me to where I could find the answers that I was needing and it was such a relief to hear that I was on the right track and what I was dealing with was normal and just the next stage 🙂 Praise God I'm moving forward!! 

I would highly recommend that everyone get the Be Encouraged videos as both sets are amazing and will help you so much in applying all the principles found in the books. 

They really do minister to your spirit and encourage you.


Mary in New York

All the videos are great. Keeping your eyes on your HH is the most important thing to do. Do not focus on your circumstances. Getting to know God better and trusting Him is the most important. The videos are so informative. Reading the word and standing on His promises will change your life. He allures us.


Jillian in Ohio

I love how Erin is able to give you the real deal. She has been through it and is so passionate about helping others not have such a painful journey. I appreciate how honest her testimony is!!

I truly feel, when watching these videos, we are sitting together talking back and forth. She takes scripture and introduces us to God and His wonderful plan for us. I always knew The Lord but nothing like I do now, having read and watched Erin's resources. Thank You!!

If not for the truth in the scripture Erin shares I would not have the relationship I have with my Lord and Savior. This particular video allows you to hear information about what you should do in response to wedding rings and confessing sins. It also goes into maintaining control with the Lord's help when faced with confrontation. Always seeking The Lord to guide you in all circumstances. Thank you Jesus for filling Erin with the Holy Spirit and touching so many lives. 


Juanita in Texas

It's encouraging listen to Erin give lessons on what will happen during one's journey. She match up what happens in the flesh to the Word of God. She also tells what not to do. The videos helps with what to look for or knowing what is going on in ones' journey so you'll know ahead of time and will be prepared or not caught of guard.


Rina in Singapore

It was very encouraging as Erin describes the different stages of restoration and the trials that one might face and how to overcome it all


Karen in North Carolina 

The videos are full of information, but they are also so helpful to see Erin explaining what the Lord led her to do. "Letting go" is so important. Without letting go the Lord cannot do in us and in our EH what He wants to do. 

Also, It reinforces what we need to do. Keep our eyes off our EH and keep our eyes on Jesus, our HH. Keep our mouths shut! Love and bless and help others. 

She gives hope when at times we see hopelessness.


Nellie in Scotland

Update: Nellie RESTORED in Scotland

This video reminded me that restoration is in fact a spiritual journey of us to God, and our families to God, but in God's way and with His leading. So many encouraging spiritual truths in this video enabled me to be encouraged and keep going with the Lord on this journey. Erin is so open, honest and transparent which further reinforces the message. 

At all times, Erin points us to God and our relationship with Him, explaining how He is our navigator, our pilot, our everything. This video helped to keep me on the narrow path, focused and motivated to keep going and not look back.


Felicia in TN

This is exactly what I needed to hear. God is so faithful. Every question I needed was answered on this video. I can continue on my Journey because my HH is so faithful and loving. He knew just what I needed and when to give it to me. The peace and anointing on these videos blows me away, I listen to them over and over, and every time I gain something new.

Thank you HH for using Erin and this ministry. It really opened up my eyes to the truth through Gods word on how I should respond to my EH actions. I had just asked my HH to show me what I should be doing, and just like the Wonderful HH that he is he provided me everything I needed to know thru this lesson.


Encouraged in MN

This video is a positive resource for renewing your mind. It teaches to not look at your husband in the natural and instead, see him as a slave to enemy. It teaches how to look at circumstances differently and how to travel the narrow road. The narrow road is hard to find and even harder to travel, but all it takes is becoming so close to the Lord that you are submitting in obedience and yielding to His will. Let Him make the changes that He needs to you in you and the rest will fall into place.

This video also reminds us how to view our trials. They are for our good. The best spiritual warfare that we can wage is to praise Him in the midst of the fiercest trials. Erin encourages us to go on the offense! Praise Him more, bless others, pray for your enemies, etc. There is no better way to do damage to the enemy!

This video reminds you that God is doing a bigger work in you than you could even know!


Valecia in Arizona

This was a great video it helped me to understand what GOD says and to stay encouraged.